Monday, 7 May 2012

Form Ecuador : a Papa and his little from ecuador

It is wonderful when you can people's dreams come true. We feel privileged to have been able to help Enzo, our first client from Ecuador. Enzo has also shared his story on his blog, his hopes, his dreams and fears. It has a wonderful ending, so if you get the chance, please have a read:

"Many time along our lives we listen to people saying that becoming a parent is the best thing that can ever happen. Now I know all those people were 100% right. The road was long , but thanks to Dr. Shivani and her wonderful staff , miracles and dreams do come true.

The other night i was having dinner with some friends , and one of them asked: Why did you wanted to become a father? The long awaited answer was very simple, I said : because becoming a parent and having to travel the surrogacy road in order to become a parent , is probably one of the biggest acts of love that a human can achieve. There is this interesting tale that's states that babies are like stars , waiting up in the sky for their moment to come down to earth. As for me , Ziara found me and I found her , she decided to come to me and I embrace her with the biggest amount of love that a man can provide. Thankfully there are little angels at the SCI Clinic that make this possible in a very smooth and easy way.

Say thank you is not enough but for now is all we have to offer.

Miracles do happen , for people out there please do not loose your hopes and always chase after your dreams.... because they do come true.
Blessings !
Ziara and Enzo"

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  1. Felicitaciones Enzo!
    Congratulation Enzo!

  2. Congrats to SCI for another happy ending, happy dancing : )
    Best wishes to Dr.S at the Australian surrogacy conference.

  3. Congratulations Enzo - what a beautiful name for your baby - Ziara. How lovely.

  4. Congratulations dear Enzo!!! Ziara looks like a little angel, she is so beautiful. She is a dream come true.