Friday, 18 May 2012

From the U.S: a sibling project & a family completed

We feel very mindful that so many family trust us to help them achieve their dreams of having a family; privileged when those same families come back to SCI,, to help them complete their family. This is one such story...

"Thank you Dr. Shivani and SCI!!

We spent many years struggling with medical procedures to try to overcome infertility and just have a family, something that seemed to happen so easily for people around us. We explored adoption as well and while that has been a wonderful road for many we know, it was not so for us, and again we felt further heart ache and truly started to believe that maybe we would never have children.

 Dr Shivani and her team helped change that for us in a matter of months.  Thanks to Dr Shivani and our generous donor and surrogate mother, in March 2011 our beautiful daughter Neve was born in New Delhi. Neve has brought us so much joy! We knew after a few months that we wanted a larger family and without hesitation we turned again to SCI for help. So, now here we are in May 2012 in New Delhi with our miracle twins, Ronan and Gemma. We have three healthy children and so many wonderful memories of our experiences here that the many years of struggle to get to this point have faded into the background.  Dr. Shivani is wonderful at guiding new parents through the process and her team at SCI are great with navigating the system in Delhi to make the exit process as easy as possible.

 We are greatly indebted to Dr Shivani and her dedicated team at SCI. Thanks to them we now have a wonderful family and feel so lucky every day that we made the decision to embark on this journey.  We have the utmost faith in the medical care that Dr. Shivani provides and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking to complete their family.


Gaelyn, Hamish, Neve, Ronan &Gemma"

As with all of our families, we wish Gaelyn, Hamish, Neve, Ronan & Gemma the choicest of God's blessings and wish them every joy in their future.

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