Monday, 28 May 2012

SCI at Surrogacy Australia Conference ( Melbourne)

The SCI team were privileged to be a part of the first Surrogacy Australia Conference in Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Shivani was one of the first key note presenters; greeted to the podium with a rock star style welcome with much cheering and whooping by those attending the conference.

                                              ( Thanks to Lucylu who took this photo)

It was wonderful to meet so many SCI families and those considering and commencing their journey with SCI. Meg & Margarida assisted Dr. Shivani and as a consequence both have no voice left, but many in our SCI family were happy to put faces to names. Dr. Shivani took pride in the number of SCI babies at the creche and the number of families willing to share their stories & experiences with SCI with others.

Wonderful news for India with Australia being the preferred destination for surrogacy:   and SCI being the preferred choice for Australians ( Surrogacy Australia Survey, 2012); with these Stats presented by Dr. Shivani supporting the outcome of the independent survey.

SCI Australian Babies

Babies born in 2010  = 24

Babies born in 2011 = 79

Total Babies born in 2012 = 121 ( 24 born & aprox 97 expected)

Australian babies = 224

And for those curious about the rest of the world:

SCI Babies 

Babies born in 2010 = 79

Babies born in 2011 = 152

Total Babies born in 2012 = 266 ( 56 born & aprox 210 expected)

SCI babies = 497

Further information on the conference presentation, including some wonderful videos will be shared in the coming days.

There is no doubt that the highlight of the conference was the dinner organised by grateful SCI parents, which blossomed to over 50 adults and many many babies & toddlers, all eager to see Dr. Shivani once again.

Dr. Shivani took great delight in reminding us all that she was the first to hold our babies when they were 2-3 day old embryos, delighted by how they had all grown. With much cuddling, cooing, reviewing of photos and telling of stories, a great time was had by all.


  1. Reading this gives me goose bumps and am so proud to be part of the SCI IP and soon to be parent.more grease to your elbow SCI and long live this establishment that has given many people uncountable joy. May God bless you abundantly, Amen

  2. That is awesome I sure hope the USA has something like that so I can go. SCI has given so many of us the hope and dream of becoming parents when so many other doors have closed to us, SCI has opened that door with open arms and hearts. Thank you to everyone at SCI for making my dream come true right now. Thank you to Dr. Shivanim Meg and Margarida for all there time and effort dealing with me and calming all my nerves. I am sure you will see more to come but thank you everyone.

  3. Congratulations to Dr.Shivani and SCI. So wonderful to read about the fabulous vibe of the conference and to hear about the families of all stages sharing the experience. Warmest wishes to M&M, Dr.S and the SCI family.

  4. We are both proud and honoured to be one of the '97' expectees in 2012. Thank you SO MUCH SCI.

  5. Dr Shivani we were so thrilled to see you again and to see you holding our babies. The conference was fantastic and I must admit I was part of the crowd giving you that rockstar welcoming! You were as beautiful as ever. Will send through some photos now.

  6. Dr Shivani, and her angels, shone so bright I am so proud to be an IP for SCI xxx

  7. Go SCI ! Beats all the other clinics hands down in my view! It was wonderful to meet other IP's after blogging with you for some months (Kim and Bec you chicks rock! - Trevor you are an absolutely hoot! Annette and McKenzie you are 2 gorgeous girls. Stacey and Juston thanks for sharing your story and I love how you are now supporting your sister through this! Wonderful to finally meet M and M and give them a hug. They are truly angels Seeing Dr. Shivani again was brilliant and she shone like a twinkling star on stage - absolutely gorgeous. Am overjoyed to be part of the 2012 statistics with potentially 4 out of the 97 expected!!! Safe travels home everyone

  8. Oh how I wish I could have been there. Glad to see you all spreading the good word and meeting each other!! (kinda jealous)

  9. Look forward to seeing some photos! So proud to be part of the group who are expecting in 2012!.