Monday 27 February 2012

From Europe: Our newest twins, a boy and girl.

It is with the greatest of pleasure that we announce the birth of our newest twins, Rose and Eliott. With parents from around the world, not all our parents speak English as their first language, but are still able to avail themselves of the services that SCI provide to acheive their dream to have a family and from the personal support that comes from the SCI team.

Cedric & Jessica, we wish you and your family the choicest of gods blessings and thank you for the kind words.

Rose & Eliott

"Dear Doctor Shivani,

One evening when I had lost all hope, my path crossed yours and you gave new meaning to our lives.

It's hard to live pregnancy over 9000kms away, but thanks to all your wonderful team everything was easier.
Despite my big gaps with English, no question went unanswered. Meg and Margarida were always there to reassure my doubts and anxieties.
Today, less than a year after our first contact with SCI, our dream has come true, we are parents!
The exchange of glances with Renu, we hear your sweet voice announce the birth of our daughter and our little garconet the smile of all persons we have to cross SCI remain forever etched in our memories and our hearts.
All together we have won the fight against sterility. This is an incredible human adventure!
Jessica, Cedric, Rose and Eliott."

UPDATE:  In the last week we have welcomed three babies born to the SCI family, Rose and Eliott from Europe and a little baby Girl from Canada

If you believe that we can achieve your dreams and  win "the fight against sterility" and have a family, please email us.

Wednesday 22 February 2012

From Australia: welcome to the world, Emmeline & Vivian

It is with great joy that we welcome to the world to new little Australians, Emmeline & Vivian . We will let their words tell the story:

"Dear Dr Shivani,

Naturally this has been an one of the most amazing journey's in life my wife and I have embarked on to date. Meeting Dr Shivani for the first time, although it very brief was an encounter that I will never forget. Having meet thousands of people throughout my life I can truly say that from the very first encounter with Dr. Shivani I was in awe of the amazing aura she has about her. I have honestly never come across anything like it before.
We have been totally at ease and trusted her advice and knowledge throughout the whole of this outstanding journey.
Naturally words can only go so far as to thank you and your team for gifting us our wonderful daughters and welcoming them to this world on Valentine's Day was the icing on the cake!
Our family is complete and our beloved Cocker Spaniel (Kenny) who has more love to give than anything I've ever seen awaits for us all to arrive back home in Perth with tail waging vigorously.

Simple put, thank you so very much Dr Shivani and may you help many other people with your magical "Aura"!

Many thanks forevermore,

Ben, Suzanne, Emmeline, Vivian & Kenny (the Cocker Spaniel)"

We wish Ben & Suzanne the choicest of blessings.

If you believe we can help you, please contact us.


Monday 20 February 2012

This week : 7 babies born from around the world (Spain, the U.S & Australia)

11/02 to the 17/02: Families from  Australia, Spain and U.S.A have welcomed Seven, much wanted and  loved babies into the world and their families.

 Plus one

SPAIN has welcomed a beautiful little boy

U.S.A has welcomed two gorgeous girls


AUSTRALIA has welcomed two beautiful boys and two gorgeous girls

We wish all these families the choicest of blessings, if you believe we can help you start or complete your family, please contact us.

Thursday 16 February 2012

From Australia: Twin Girls

The first six weeks of 2012 at SCI, has seen many babies born who are now home. Today we share with you the beautiful Emily & Ava, now back home in Australia with family &friends. 

We welcome to the world our beautiful baby girls, Emily Anne and Ava Rose, born 27.01.2012; exactly one year and one day after our initial contact with SCI.
Our heartfelt thanks to Dr Shivani, who has helped us to fulfil our greatest dream of becoming parents, which had eluded us for so many years. Thanks also to Meg and the team at SCI for their on-going support throughout our journey into parenthood. Special thanks to our surrogates who have given us the most precious gift of our family.
We are so looking forward to returning home to Australia and introducing our gorgeous girls to their family and friends. India now holds a special place in our hearts, and we know we will return one day soon with Emily and Ava to visit Delhi, their birth place.

We thank this family for the kind words and wish them the choicest of God's blessings.

If you believe we can help you, please email us

Thursday 9 February 2012

From Tibet: a baby girl

We are very privileged to have couples from all over the world trust us with their families. This family from Tibet have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl:

Dear Doctor Shivani ji,
Our Baby Girl T C was born on 17th Jan 2012 at 12:35 afternoon. 2.900 kgs.she is a very healthy and active baby. we are very thankful and greatful for your kind and professional help. we are very happy to welcome her in our life. our home is filled with joy and happiness. we will take time soon to meet you when we get proper holiday. probably, we are hoping you to give us a son next time. what do you think? hahahaha...Thank you ones again. cheers!!!

Mr.D and Mrs.R.

We wish them the choicest of blessings.

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Friday 3 February 2012

From U.S.A: proud papa's and the beautiful baby Emeline

Sometimes a photo of a Papa and his baby girl is enough.

"Dear Dr. Shivani and the entire staff from SCI,

We Wanted to send you a heart felt thank you for all that you do! We never thought that parenthood would be an option for us, but that all changed after contacting SCI.  We will be eternally grateful to you for the birth of our daughter, and I will never have the right words of gratitude.  The staff at SCI have made this e most incredible experience. All of the assistance and timely responses from Rachna, Deepika, Lalit, Gourav, Meg,Margarida and everyone with whom we came in contact all helped to reinforce that we made the right decision when choosing a surrogacy clinic.  All the details were handled at a very professional level!

Forever Grateful,

George and Travis"

We wish this special family the choicest of blessings.

If you are a Papa in the making, please contact us.

Wednesday 1 February 2012

Thank you for the Liebster Blog Award

Thank you to who very kindly nominated us for this award for the following reasons:
"What makes this blog so VERY important, is that it is the sole reason many of us on this crazy roller coaster of a ride called surrogacy in India were even able to find the ticket booth in the first place.

Indeed, the Surrogacy Centre India blog gives new meaning to "word of mouth" advertising-- and seeing as international surrogacy is one of the best kept family building option secrets out there, it serves a VERY important role.

Not only does it proudly list links to those blogs of intended parents at all stages of "the journey", it regularly highlights "success stories" of intended parents all around the globe.

It screams "you can do it" "never give up" and "you are not alone."

It is our understanding that we now nominate others for this award who have not been previously nominated. This is so difficult to do when we are privileged to have so many families share their stories with us.

I would encourage you to read all the blogs attached to this one. The stories are not simple or straight forward, but their commitment to having families shines through. Through these blogs, you will see all possible variations on the theme of infertility and wanting to have a baby - stories from around the world, with much joy and sadness, sucess and losses, different families, differing sexualities and circumstance.

With each blog you'll find courageous families, pursuing their dreams to have babies and a belief in sharing their stories and paying it forward.  We cannot thank you all enough.