Monday, 27 February 2012

From Europe: Our newest twins, a boy and girl.

It is with the greatest of pleasure that we announce the birth of our newest twins, Rose and Eliott. With parents from around the world, not all our parents speak English as their first language, but are still able to avail themselves of the services that SCI provide to acheive their dream to have a family and from the personal support that comes from the SCI team.

Cedric & Jessica, we wish you and your family the choicest of gods blessings and thank you for the kind words.

Rose & Eliott

"Dear Doctor Shivani,

One evening when I had lost all hope, my path crossed yours and you gave new meaning to our lives.

It's hard to live pregnancy over 9000kms away, but thanks to all your wonderful team everything was easier.
Despite my big gaps with English, no question went unanswered. Meg and Margarida were always there to reassure my doubts and anxieties.
Today, less than a year after our first contact with SCI, our dream has come true, we are parents!
The exchange of glances with Renu, we hear your sweet voice announce the birth of our daughter and our little garconet the smile of all persons we have to cross SCI remain forever etched in our memories and our hearts.
All together we have won the fight against sterility. This is an incredible human adventure!
Jessica, Cedric, Rose and Eliott."

UPDATE:  In the last week we have welcomed three babies born to the SCI family, Rose and Eliott from Europe and a little baby Girl from Canada

If you believe that we can achieve your dreams and  win "the fight against sterility" and have a family, please email us.


  1. Thats awesome, Iam so happy for the couple and i hope to share that dream too. Big Congrats

  2. Congrats! What a beautiful picture! Dr Shivani and her team perform beautiful miracles! I can't wait to get started next year!!

  3. I love reading all the wonderful news about the diverse number of bubs born to parents from all around the world from here. In a world that is so often cruel, harsh and unfair, SCI is a true beacon of hope for those of us longing to become parents. Bless you Dr Shivani and bless you SCI for coming into my life. Whilst my hubby and are hoping for success we will never regret trying to fulfil this dream even if the outcome is a different one than we obtain.Cant wait to meet you in early April. best regards mel and andrew