Monday 29 October 2012

From the U.S - a cup full of goodness...

Another SCI family completed, this time from California...

A special note to Dr. Shivani and the SCI staff:

Our gratitude to Dr. Shivani and the SCI team is beyond words can express.They had been real professionals, caring and responsive, updating us with the much-needed communication throughout the whole process --- from conception to the birth of our twin girls.

When we met Dr. Shivani, we felt instantly that we were in good hands, her medical expertise is incomparable. The SCI staff, especially Shilpi, ensured that our stay in Delhi was pleasurable and less stressful.

We are forever grateful to you for making our dream a reality!

Wishing you continued success & blessings,

S & P of California,

Saturday 20 October 2012

From Australia: the Aussie baby boom continues...

The Australian baby boom continues with the birth of Sophie ...

Dear Dr Shivani, Dr Vishal and the amazing SCI team,

my journey to complete my family with the birth of Sophie Roma Douglas has been amazing. Something that I though would never be possible, is now a reality.

Dr Shivani and her team guided me every step of the way, with the untiring support in Australia from Margarida, John and Meg (two very dedicated Women and one very understanding Husband).

I would like to thank my Donor and Surrogate for the gift of life they have blessed me with and I hope that my Surrogate will continue to be a part of Sophie's life journey.

As a single parent now for the second time, I may not have found my life partner but I have my own family now with wonderful family support and friends. From the moment Sophie's little fingers wrapped around mine, my lifes journey became so much richer.

Thank You

Peter and Sophie

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Friday 19 October 2012

From Australia: A Daddy is born

There is something special in being able to help a man reach his dream of parenthood, after being told he would never be a Daddy...

Baby Antonio - 2.9 kgs of bliss

Dear Dr Shivani , Dr Vishal and to all the great staff at Sci Healthcare,

Thank you very much for helping me through out this journey , i had some personal  highs and lows to deal with, thanks for making me feel comfortable and giving me your undivided support ; at all those though times you guy's where there for me - especially  Margarida &Meg.
After being told i would never be a Dad from several  IVF clinics in Australia, i never expected this. I have really enjoyed this special time of my life. a problem free pregnancy and all the staff at SCI Healthcare & Dr Shivani to share this life changing experience with.

Thank you - You have filled my life with love and so much happiness,

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Tuesday 16 October 2012

From Australia : Perfection

Enough said...

Dr Shivani and team,

Please accept our eternal thanks for making little Lilah Nilma possible. Although she came into the world a fair few weeks early, she is perfect in every way. We will send a family photo once we are all together,

Much love,

Marty and Grant
from the Yarra Valley, Australia.

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Friday 12 October 2012

From Australia : a sibling project and another SCI Family completed

We know that we are doing all the right things when families come to us to both start and complete their families. This is one such joyous story....


Dear Dr Shivani and all the team
Well here we are again completing our family. We cannot thank you enough for fulfilling our dreams of becoming parents, not once but twice now.

We could not be happier with our boy Finn and now our beautiful daughter Maisie. I'm sure in the coming years Finn will also share in our joy and happiness.

Dr Shivani you change lives for the better and we thank you for the joy, happiness and family you have created for us. All our love and gratitude,

 Rusty, Scotty, Finn and Maisie xxx

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Tuesday 9 October 2012

From the U.S : a family completed

What a beautiful card and a gorgeous family...

We wish Donna, Stefano, Luke and Sofia the choicest of blessings and thank them for their kind words.

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Sunday 7 October 2012

From the U.S : SCI Family Reunion in California

One of the joys of surrogacy  with SCI, is watching what has been an on line community come to life when people are brought together in Delhi. This vibrant and supportive community allows for friendships to develop, and thrive with people from around the world or, more surprisingly around the corner from each other...

Dear Dr. Shivani,

This past weekend, we celebrated a Chinese tradition call a 'Red Egg' party, where family and friends gather to celebrate a baby's 100+ day birthday.

Everyone was enthusiastic to meet our guest of honor, who was a perfect baby boy throughout the entire 3-4hr gathering.

We were delighted that many friends and relatives could make it, but the highlight was reuniting with Adrian/Jason, Rob/David, and their precious babies at the party, all of whom we met during our time at in New Delhi. So lucky are we to associate Ethan's Red Egg party with our 1st SCI Family reunion.

Attached are photos of our 3 families together. The one with everybody is my favorite one.
In this photos, Ethan is 4 months, Kimaya (Rob/David's daughter), Olivia, and Clara (Adrian/Jason twin girls) are all ~5 months. I'm happy to report all babies are health--making baby sounds, engaging with their parents, and improving their motor skills.

I hope these photos will express to you how much we appreciate SCI's efforts when your team cared for our surrogate mothers and babies. Without your help, this celebration and other precious memories may not have been possible.

We have more photos and words describing the party at
Ethan's Red Egg post from our blog. Please take a look at your leisure to celebrate with us.

Feel free to share the contents of this email and photos on the SCI blog so that others can share the joy of each families' baby reaching the 100+ days milestone.

John and Michael

We wish all these special families the most joyful of blessings and wish them well in the coming years...

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Friday 5 October 2012

From Australia: beautiful baby girls...

Another couple's dreams fullfilled, another SCI family completed...

Dear Dr Shivani & the SCI Team,

There are no words that can discribe the feelings & emotions you have given us with the birth of our 2 beautiful girls.

Zoe & Jiya were born on the 18th of September but this journey started in January when we first met you & your team.

From the moment we met we felt comfortable & we have been informed & kept up to date from day one, the staff has been warm, welcoming, genuine and above all professioanal.

We cannot thank you enough for the dream you have helped turn into reality and the joy you have created.

Darrin, Jane, Nana Di, Zoe & Jiya

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