Friday 27 January 2012

From Spain: a proud Papa with his beautiful twins.

It is with great delight that we share with you our latest Spanish family, a proud Papa, with his beautiful little girl and handsome boy. We have very much enjoyed the joy of having your whole family with you in Delhi to celebrate this much anticipated arrival.

We thank this proud papa for his kind words and wish all his family the choicest of blessings,

"Estimada Doctora Shivani,

Llevo días queriendo dedicarle unas palabras deagradecimiento, tanto a usted como a todo su maravilloso equipo que haconseguido hacer realidad el mejor de mis sueños.
Necesitaré varias vidas para poder agradecer a esamaravillosa mujer que con esfuerzo y sacrificio hizo posible la llegada almundo de estos dos dulces ángeles.
Me esforzare día a día para que ellos crezcan felices, ycada noche antes de dormir, escucharan como un maravilloso equipo médicoayudaron a su papa para traerles al mundo. Quiero que crezcan familiarizadoscon la historia que les hizo posible, y el cuento que emocionado les leeré cadanoche tratará de como en un lejano país, un equipo medico de excepción y unamujer generosa, ayudaron a su papa para que ellos pudieran llegar al mudo, ynoche tras noche se sentirán orgullosos e importantes.
Quiero que ellos crezcan familiarizados con este maravillosopaís que tanto nos ha dado, por lo que tengan la seguridad de que volveremos enfechas especiales para celebrarlo todos juntos.
¡Hasta ayer los soñé, y ahora están aquí!
Sigo con asiduidad su blog, y es para mi un orgullo poder participar hoy en el.Historia tras historia todos coincidimos en las bondades de su clínica, de suequipo humano y el maravilloso equipo técnico capaz de obrar milagro trasmilagro.

Como padre orgulloso de hijos tan deseados, me siento bendecidode formar parte de esta gran familia que es Surrogacy Centre India. Me hesentido especial, y en ocasiones parecía como si fuera el único cliente,sabiendo que hay muchos mas, pero todo el mundo debe de saber que usted y suequipo ha estado ahí en todo momento, casi en exclusiva y déjeme hacer llegarmi admiración, por la eficiencia en la comunicación, a pesar de la barrera deidioma, transmitiendo siempre tranquilidad y confianza, incluso en los momentosduros que también los hubo.
Comencé este camino solo, con la única compañía de mi miedo e incertidumbre yenseguida encontré apoyo y serenidad para llegar a la meta.
Muchas veces le oído comentar que tiene al difícil misión de completarfamilias, pero usted y su equipo son mas bien como una fabrica se sueños, dondelo imposible es posible.
Desde lo más profundo de nuestros corazones mi familia y yo queremos decirle.
Para alcanzar tus sueños a veces no solo hay que creer en ellos, también hayque rodearse de los mejores.
Rocío, Antonio y su papa, que ahora y gracias a S.C.I., somos una familiacompleta y feliz.

Un fuerte abrazo."

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Tuesday 24 January 2012

From Sweden: a little girl

It is with great delight that we welcome the newest SCI baby from Sweden. This much loved little girl came after years of infertility treatments and longing for a baby. We are delighted to have made this family's dreams come true.

"The 4th of January my wife and I got our love baby. A little baby girl who will be called Daniella.
I will with this tell the whole world that whithout the help from Dr Shivani and her team this will
never happened. We had big trouble to get a baby for nearly six years, but then I need to work
in India for one year and we heard about Dr Shivani and SCI Healthcare so we took the opportunity
to get a connection and make a try, our most succesful choice in our life.
Thank you Dr Shivani and your team.
Best Regards
Lars, Yan and our little Daniella"

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Saturday 21 January 2012

From Australia: a family completed with the help of a Cryo - shipper

It gives us great joy in helping families both start and finish their families.

With this wonderful family, treatment started in Australia with IVF and was completed in Delhi when their precious embryos arrived in a cryo- shipper. We are so pleased that we are able to help achieve their dream of having two children to complete their family.

"Dear Dr Shivani & your wonderful team,
We are eternally grateful to you for helping us to complete our family.
When we had our amazing daughter 21 months ago we never thought we would have the chance to have another child.
You have made this possible.
Through wonderful Megan we found you & thanks to you both & our amazing surrogate we have a beautiful son to complete our family.
The never ending help of your team, especially Megan, Margarida & Rachna have made this journey a lot easier being so far away.
SCI will always be in our hearts, you do amazing work.
Our eternal gratitude & appreciation
John, Denise, Sara & Kieran LoPresti"
This is one of many families from around the world who have trusted us with their precious embryos and now have  babies.

If you want further information about shipping your embryos to Delhi, to start or complete your family, please contact us, 

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Made in India, our newest Australian twins!

The team at SCI Healthcare is pleased to introduce our newest little Australians, beautiful twin girls born to their proud parents SJ and B. We wish them a future filled with love and joy and are proud to have been able to asset in creating this gorgeous family. 

Dearest Dr Shivani and the SCI Staff,

Thank You so much for your help in allowing us to finally become the parents we always hoped to be. We have been blessed with beautiful twin girls who will be loved and cherished everyday. We will always be grateful to our egg donor and surrogate mother who allowed our girls to safely enter the world.

We are so happy that we found such an amazing team in Surrogacy Centre India and we would recommend your service to anyone wishing to begin or expand their family.

Kindest regards,
B & SJ ( Australia )

Wednesday 11 January 2012

From India: Indian client from Punjab

We do have the privilege of working with many clients from both India and around the world, today we thought we would share the thoughts of a new family from the Punjab region. We thank them for these wonderful flowers:

"Hello Dr. Shivani,

Hearty thanks for dream come true.We have become proud parents of smart boy J.

Today we feel complete and satisfied. Nothing was possible without your skill and ability.Holding a lovely baby made us feel that every thing was done in very nice way.We thank the almighty for the moment we met you in June 2010 and within one and half year we got a lovely baby for which we desired and tried every thing for 12 years.Our first word with you only made our spirit uplift that things can happen.

Thanks again for guiding us right.In our association with you we have seen the effective hard work you put in. Once more we would like to thank you and the SCI team for giving us this precious gift a purpose to live.

Always keep up your blog news it helps our kind people a lot. We would like to meet you before we leave most probably tomorrow. We have attached one picture of baby and would like one with you too.

We will always remember and worship you

With Regards

P&N AND Baby J "

Tuesday 10 January 2012

From Australia: a story of hope

Words are enough:

Dearest Dr Shivani,

So many words of gratitude and praise come to you from around the globe. Anything that we could possibly say to thank you and all your wonderful people has already been said by many others, many times.

All our stories are similar. Like everyone, we tried everything and failed. Not even one of the pioneers of IVF could give us any options. Then, in a small corner of an ancient land we found a ray of hope.

You know that we will always be thankful and that you will be in our hearts forever. Beyond the words of thanks we would like the world to know what it really is that you have made possible – what it is that so many people thank you for.

For any parent the feeling of seeing your new born child for the first time is special and irreplaceable. But if you have known the anguish of years of failure, of having been told that a family is something you will never have, those feelings are so much more precious and powerful.

That is what we will always be grateful for – that flood of feelings and sensations that you have made possible.

Life is but a dream
A shadow of the great beyond
When you first see your child
You know that life can now go on

Our lives are but an instant
Time is but a notion
A grain of sand in the desert
A drop of water in the ocean

In the bright face of a new born child
We glimpse the immortality we seek
Everything is suddenly possible
Your life is at a peak

You feel that your brain
…is about to explode
You are so full of strength
You can bear any load

You can cry a river and not feel ashamed
You can walk through a wall and not feel pain
You can take on the world …. and win!
Your head is in a spin.

After all the struggle
After all the pain
The greatest gift of all
Life is forever changed

Little hands
Little feet
A toothless mouth
That only wants to eat!

You forget the tears
You forget the doubts
You forget the failures
You just want to shout

For a brief moment in time
You see the face of your god
Life has a meaning after all…

…as you gaze on the peaceful face of the sleeping child

For anybody who is hesitating to take that first step with your clinic because of past disappointments, we would ask them to consider only one thing:

There is nothing else you could possibly do in your life that will compare!!

With all our love,

Two eternally grateful parents

(PS. Once we get over the shock of finally becoming parents we are likely to be back for a sibling.)

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Monday 9 January 2012

From the U.S - a baby boy and his family

It is to our great delight to share with you this feedback from a wonderful family from the U.S.

"Dear Dr. Shivani,

We are immensely grateful for the excellent care that you and every member of your wonderful staff took of our surrogate and baby in Delhi. Even though we were far, your team made us feel like we were near, answering each query immediately, reassuring us when we felt nervous, and most importantly, being prompt and honest about the situation whatever state it was in. We were so happy with the level of professionalism and support we received from SCI from the day we sent our first email to you to the day we had our baby in our arms. There was not one instance when we wrote to SCI and we didnt hear back in less than 24 hours, sometimes within a few hours. We cannot thank you enough, and even though we know every single person says the same thing, we also want to add our high recommendation of SCI to anyone considering surrogacy. We will always be grateful to you and our lovely surrogate.

Lots of best wishes as you continue to help couples around the world!

From the proud parents of an adorable baby boy from the US"

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Thursday 5 January 2012

News "Times of India": From Spain

From Spain, a proud new parent, from SCI, the skills, experience, expertise and from India, the legal frame work for this wonderful opportunity to happen, from the Times of India, the article below :

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Sunday 1 January 2012

Welcome 2012 and all that you bring

We look back with fondness to the many families that SCI has touched over 2011

and look forward to 2012 and the joy that this year will bring to many families.

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