Saturday 27 March 2010

Introducing our Embryology Team

I am pleased to introduce key people within SCI family - our embryology team. These highly valued members of our team look after your precious embryos and semen samples and most importantly undertake ICSI for all our clients.

Deene Vishnu Kanth is our highly skilled embryologist with many years experience. I was amused by his description of his work to a client recently in which he stated his role was to look for the best sperm under the microscope and introduce it to the healthiest egg and then wait for the miracle of fertilization.

Devender Kumar is our Junior Embryologist and more than likely is the person that most of our fathers will meet (besides me of course!). He recently told a father-to be that his job was to make sure that nothing got mixed up. Everyone laughed at this, but later on i watched on with amusement as he corrected a nervous father's spelling of his name and date of birth.

Good embryologists are crucial to any team undertaking surrogacy and i am pleased and proud to have two such excellent professionals as part of SCI. Both of these men are a key component to our sucess.

Our success rates with young donor and surrogate mother is more than 75%,with a live birth rate of 55%. We currently have more than 25 successful surrogacy births with babies safely home with their families, and more than 40 pregnant surrogates for international clients.

If you believe that we can help you achieve your dream of becoming a family, please contact us.