Sunday 30 June 2013

From Australia: a beautiful baby girl ( and two gorgeous cousins)

There is nothing as precious as when friends recommend us to friends, but when family recommends us to family, we know that we have done something special to have gained such trust...

Two cousins and SCI babies 30mths apart
“We have never been so happy as the night we got the call from Dr Shivani to say we had a healthy baby girl. We can’t thank Dr Shivani and all the team at SCI enough for helping us achieve our dream. We will always remember the babies we lost along the way but holding baby Samantha in our arms for the first time lessened the pain and brought us so much happiness it’s hard to describe.
My sister and her husband have a 2 and a half year old daughter also born through surrogacy with SCI in 2011 and we know they will always share a very special bond not only as cousins but also because of how they came into this world. Alyssa is very excited to have a baby cousin and constantly wants to help with feeding, nappy changing and ‘holding it’.
Thank you so much for our little miracle. We can’t wait to get her home to meet the rest of our family.
Amanda & Shane,
Victoria, Australia"
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Wednesday 26 June 2013

From the U.S - a gorgeous baby boy

We have many families coming to us battered and scared with a history of failed fertility treatments; SCI gives out hope that things can be different , as it was with this family

Thank you SCI  !!
We showed up at your doorstep scared and broken. You welcomed us with such open arms and hospitality and offered such precious HOPE. Egg retrieval & IVF went smoothly and we retrieved 14 eggs-and now one of those precious eggs is our stunning son !

We thank you and thank god for the blessing of bringing you into our lives. We pray that all of your dreams come true, as our have.

                                                                 Forever grateful, Jonathan & Christi

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Sunday 16 June 2013

From India : The happiest family ever

The happiest Indian family ever...

Dearest Dr. Shivani,

We don’t have words to express …..what you have done for us.We saw a dream of this reality 14 years ago and we had lost all our hopes after two failed IVFs.But it was you who encouraged us to do one more time.The confidence and positive vibrations we got from you…made our dream come true.

We really appreciate the way you work. We are forever grateful to you making our dream come true.

You are always in our thoughts & prayers.We named him…NEIL.We are sorry because we copied your son’s name because we wish to keep you in our prayers & thoughts forever.

We can now look at us as a Complete Happy Family……….something we never would have been imagined.

Journey was long…but everything was happening so fast, we couldn’t believe.

We honestly are still surprised…we are finally happiest parents of cutest SON.We had aperfect experience with the IVF process..continous support from Nursing team.Specially sister Geeta..The way they treat each & every patient…is just PERFECT.


       We CAN’T Express OUR Gratitude ENOUGH For WHAT you have done for us.


With Best Regards:

Grand Mother
Mom & Dad

Ritu & Sanya




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Wednesday 12 June 2013

From Australia : Two girls and dreams come true...

The best part of our role, making people's dreams come true...

You already know you are a saint, but we cannot let this opportunity pass without sharing our deepest gratitude for what you have done for us over the past 10 months. First, if it wasn’t your efficiency professionalism and consideration. We would still be trying to use my ineffective eggs or worse still had fallen pregnant ,ended up with a child with a disability. For that alone we will never be able to thank you enough …as the system in Australia failed us and you amazed and saved us.
Second, the business that you have created and all of the people who help make it operate, is inspiring. You go well beyond any expectation of any job you have obviously made it your mission in life to bring life to those who cannot create it in any other way. Finally we feel privileged to have been so fortunate that fate led us to you and feel our girls will always be blessed simply by being touched by you.
So thank you sincerely for making a seemingly impossible dream a reality and for giving us faith when no one else did the first time we met you, you said, you will have babies.
Dave & Natalie
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Saturday 8 June 2013

The new & improved SCI Forum

Welcome to the new SCI Forum, full of information on undertaking surrogacy with SCI.
If you would like to meet other parents and intended parents; find out where people are staying, ask questions about surrogacy and benefit from the shared wisdom of those who have already been to Delhi, this is the place for you.
We only ask that you introduce yourself and share your story; what you share is up to you and you can remain anonymous.


We look forward to seeing you at the forum.

Thursday 6 June 2013

From Spain : twins!

A family from Spain, a family completed...

Today we have received the best gift of our life!
After a lot of time and many tears, thanks to all of you we have managed to be parents!
We only have words of gratefulness towards the whole equipment SCI and we feel blessed for having been in our way.
We are very happy,
Sergio, María, Miguel y Sandra"

We wish this family the choicest of blessings.

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Monday 3 June 2013

From Canada : Dayenu (It would have been enough)

Another amazing story, full of adventure and hope with a brilliant ending...

Dayenu (It would have been enough)
One of my favourite songs as a kid, was called "Dayenu (catchy tune)." Dayenu means "It would be sufficient." The song marks the Jewish people's rise and escape from slavery to salvation. The song goes something like this: If God only punished our tormenters in Egypt (who forced us to be slaves), that would have been enough. If he only led us out of slavery/Egypt, that would have been enough. If he only gave us a homeland, that would be enough. The song goes on to mention many things God gave the Jews, even though one would have been enough, he gave them all of them!
Dr. Shivani's clinic here in New Dehli and what it has given me, reminds me exactly of this song, for:
1) If they only gave me one child, any child, healthy or otherwise, that would have been enough.
2) if they only gave me one child, that would have been enough.
3) If they would have give me twins and one was unhealthy, that would have been enough.
4) if they gave me twins and they were the same gender, that would have been enough.
5) If I left with a child and didn't feel a forever bond with the other parents and a belonging to a very special group, that would have been enough.
6) If I came home with a child, but didn't have the most amazing story and adventure of all parents in the world and how we finally met 16,000 kilometres away and our incredible stay in a foreign land, with hundreds of friends and family waiting at the airport for your eventual arrival, that would have been enough.
7) If I came home with a child, but never felt I go back to have another child, that would be enough.
8) If as a single male bringing home twins, I would never have an effect on future males wanting to have children or have an effect on people's views of parenting roles around the world forever more, that would be enough.
But you see, this clinic gave me all these things. My name is Steven Mintz and I from Canada. 
After so many failures and heartbrakes with other clinics, I came here and on the first try was the lucky father of twins. Their names are Ryan and Emily-Rose, a boy and a girl, and are two very healthy children. I feel as part of group and bond with other parents here as we all share the same hopes and dreams when we arrive here. That's not something I have felt at home before. The adventure here in India has just begun and it is part of the story I am collecting of their births to give to them on their 16th birthday (traditional big birthday in Canada). I know I could come back if needed too, and recommend to all my friends having difficulty conceiving a child which are many. But mostly, the last one, I will have a positive impact on stereotypical gender roles regarding children worldwide and for generations to come. And that would have been enough!
As always, we wish this family the choicest of blessings.
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