Sunday, 30 June 2013

From Australia: a beautiful baby girl ( and two gorgeous cousins)

There is nothing as precious as when friends recommend us to friends, but when family recommends us to family, we know that we have done something special to have gained such trust...

Two cousins and SCI babies 30mths apart
“We have never been so happy as the night we got the call from Dr Shivani to say we had a healthy baby girl. We can’t thank Dr Shivani and all the team at SCI enough for helping us achieve our dream. We will always remember the babies we lost along the way but holding baby Samantha in our arms for the first time lessened the pain and brought us so much happiness it’s hard to describe.
My sister and her husband have a 2 and a half year old daughter also born through surrogacy with SCI in 2011 and we know they will always share a very special bond not only as cousins but also because of how they came into this world. Alyssa is very excited to have a baby cousin and constantly wants to help with feeding, nappy changing and ‘holding it’.
Thank you so much for our little miracle. We can’t wait to get her home to meet the rest of our family.
Amanda & Shane,
Victoria, Australia"
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  1. Congrats Shane and Amanda. Samantha is a lucky girl having such loving parents. Alyssa and Samantha will be best buddies too xxx