Tuesday 30 August 2011

Generations make a family

In the quest to have a family, we naturally focus on the parents and the much awaited babies, but this couple remind us that family is much bigger, with Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and most importantly Grandparents!
SCI has enabled this wonderful family to have children, this beautiful Grandmother to have her first Grandchildren. This Yiayia couldn't wait for her grandchildren to come home, so she came to Delhi to meet them!

It is with great delight that we show you the newest little Australians and the third generation of this proud family.

We wish the God's choicest of blessings.
If you believe that we can help you, create the next generation of your family, please contact us

Saturday 27 August 2011

Our Website is live

After much time, deliberation and hard work we are thrilled to announce that our website is live :



We are very proud of this achievement and believe it will be helpful to our current and new clients. Not only does it tell you what we do, but it gives you the opportunity to see our facilities and services through photos and videos and share the experiences of those who have used our service.

Through out the website, you will also see many photos. Every baby & family photo is of a family or a baby that SCI has helped. We are very proud of the fact that no stock or publicity shots were brought or used. All are 100% SCI.

We look forward to updating our website with your family/baby photo in the future.

Thursday 25 August 2011

Newest Little Canadian

Long time readers of blogs will be very familiar with Mark & Kerrie's story (http://markandkerriesjourney.blogspot.com/) and will celebrate with us, possibly one of the most awaited baby arrivals in surrogacy-dom and the newest little Canadian.

"We are more than thrilled to finally announce the birth of our first child and proud to say it happened only with the help of Dr Shivani and her wonderful team! We struggled for 13 years to have a family and after many losses we found Dr Shivani and started on the positive path to parenthood.

We feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to both our surrogate and the SCI team. Our surrogate with Dr Shivani's guidance gave us the most precious, perfect and healthy baby girl. Life will never be the same, only better, perfect! Thank you Dr Shivani, you gave us hope and now we have Cailyn, it cannot get any better than this! Our life feels complete, finally".
Kerrie and Mark , Canada

After such a long journey, with many hic-cups on the way,we were thrilled that Mark and Kerrie trusted us to help them achieve their dream with the safe arrival of Cailyn. We thank Kerrie and Mark for their kind words and we wish them God's choicest of blessings.

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Newest British Family completed

Adam & Michael (and fur babies Fogg & Fergus) are delighted with the safe and long anticipated) arrival of Beau. As the quote below states, we are not everyone's first choice, but we are very pleased to have been their successful choice!

"Working with SCI has been an amazing experience that has allowed our dreams of parenthood to finally come true! After numerous (unfortunately failed) attempts with surrogacy abroad, we came across SCI after hearing about many positive stories and experiences from other couples working with Dr Shivani online. What we have valued most about SCI has been the practical and emotional support throughout the entire process, the free flow of information, the fact that questions are always answered thoroughly and quickly, worries and anxieties are dealt with sensitivity and support, and there has always been a listening ear through the moments of excitement and the moments of worry and concern. No words can describe the awe and emotion of seeing our beautiful baby boy for the very first time, the love for him that fills our lives each day, the gratitude we will always carry in our hearts to Dr Shivani, her wonderful team and our amazing surrogate mother, all of whom have made our dreams come true". Adam & Michael

We thank you for your kind works and wish your family God's choicest of blessings. If you believe that we can assist you in your journey to being a parent, please contact us.

Saturday 13 August 2011

My pride and joy - Isis Hospital

I'd like to share with you one of my proudest professional achievements, Isis Hospital. This video shows our operating theatre and embryology laboratory. Enjoy.

Thursday 11 August 2011

The begining of a wonderful journey.

We understand the leap of faith it must take to travel around the world to make your dream of having a family come true. It is always a honour to have couples trust us with these hopes and dreams.

Of course, this title is not quite correct, there is so much work that happens before any couple arrive in Delhi, they did due diligence, asked questions,checked referees, read blogs and emailed and phoned the authors of these blogs to check authenticity, joined our forum and asked further hard questions.

So, it is with great joy when we are able to exceed peoples expectations. What a surprise to receive these beautiful flowers and card.

We wish D&B all the baby dust in the world and are very hopeful for a successful outcome that 70% of our clients receive. If you believe we can help you, please email us.

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Long road but worth the results

It is always a great joy when we make families dreams come true and complete families. This has been achieved for Sam and Phil, with the birth of Ruby and Zoe, our newest little Australians.
We were very privileged to receive this beautiful card from our newest family. They have kindly given permission for us to share this with you:

We were very moved when Sam and Phil chose to bless their babies at one of the purest places on earth for millions of followers of Hinduism, the origin of the Ganges. May all in this family receive God's choicest of blessings.

Thursday 4 August 2011

Baby boom for August!!

It is with great delight that i share with you all our coming baby boom for August with SCI with
16 Babies due!
with parents coming from all over the globe including:
We encourage all these families whose babies have not arrived, to have their bags packed and ready to go; welcome to the world of babies where , despite the best of plans and carefully worked out due dates, babies will arrive when they are ready.
Please let me share with you an August baby, the newest little Australian:

We wish you all the choicest of blessings.