Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Newest British Family completed

Adam & Michael (and fur babies Fogg & Fergus) are delighted with the safe and long anticipated) arrival of Beau. As the quote below states, we are not everyone's first choice, but we are very pleased to have been their successful choice!

"Working with SCI has been an amazing experience that has allowed our dreams of parenthood to finally come true! After numerous (unfortunately failed) attempts with surrogacy abroad, we came across SCI after hearing about many positive stories and experiences from other couples working with Dr Shivani online. What we have valued most about SCI has been the practical and emotional support throughout the entire process, the free flow of information, the fact that questions are always answered thoroughly and quickly, worries and anxieties are dealt with sensitivity and support, and there has always been a listening ear through the moments of excitement and the moments of worry and concern. No words can describe the awe and emotion of seeing our beautiful baby boy for the very first time, the love for him that fills our lives each day, the gratitude we will always carry in our hearts to Dr Shivani, her wonderful team and our amazing surrogate mother, all of whom have made our dreams come true". Adam & Michael

We thank you for your kind works and wish your family God's choicest of blessings. If you believe that we can assist you in your journey to being a parent, please contact us.


  1. What a wonderful family! Baby Beau is just perfect!

  2. Great to see you guys so happy, hope you get home soon.
    Wayne,Mark and Kisses from NEHA.xxxx