Saturday, 27 August 2011

Our Website is live

After much time, deliberation and hard work we are thrilled to announce that our website is live :


We are very proud of this achievement and believe it will be helpful to our current and new clients. Not only does it tell you what we do, but it gives you the opportunity to see our facilities and services through photos and videos and share the experiences of those who have used our service.

Through out the website, you will also see many photos. Every baby & family photo is of a family or a baby that SCI has helped. We are very proud of the fact that no stock or publicity shots were brought or used. All are 100% SCI.

We look forward to updating our website with your family/baby photo in the future.


  1. The website looks great! Congrats on another step to help intended parents!

  2. Loving it! All the easier for us to spread the word now. And I must say, those are some exceptionally cute babies!

  3. This looks great! Well done everyone x

  4. fantastic website! Great to also see the people behind the scenes!