Wednesday 27 March 2013

From Australia : the road to our babies...

Sometimes the photo is enough...

My husband and I were married in 2004 and thought like every other couple that a baby would come into our lives as a lovely surprise not long after. We waited and hoped and after a year realised something wasn't right. Fast forward 8 years - and following 13 failed and tortuous rounds of IVF and an adoption application that seemed like a road to nowhere - we arrived at SCI, with very little hope left that we would ever become parents.

To our amazement, we had success in our first attempt with a surrogate and are now the happy - but tired! - parents of twin boys Leo and Noah. We are so grateful for the professional support of Dr Shivani and the SCI team - including their warmth and responsiveness to all of our questions along the way.

And of-course, we will always be indebted to our wonderful surrogate who carried our boys who came into the world so healthy and beautiful.

Sending warm regards from
 Karim, Arielle, Leo and Noah -


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Saturday 23 March 2013

From Brazil : Uma linda menina em forma de bebê

Another story of a family completed, this time from Brazil:

Dra. Shivani e Equipe

Estamos vivendo os dias mais felizes e incríveis de nossa vida. A chegada do nosso anjo de luz modificou para sempre o significado e o valor da existência. É impressionante como o tempo se desdobrou célere desde os primeiros contatos que tivemos com a Margarida e a Meg. A longa jornada em busca da paternidade em breve se transformou em doce expectativa com o início do procedimento, a confirmação da gestação, os primeiros ultrassons, o desenvolvimento gradativo do nosso bebê amado... Não temos palavras para traduzir a felicidade que estamos sentindo e o carinho que lhes dedicamos. Podemos dizer apenas que vocês todos foram formidáveis, pacientes, acolhedores, profissionais! Por isso, queremos expressar, com a linguagem inarticulada dos sentimentos mais puros, com a voz terna dos corações nobres, o nosso mais sincero e profundo “muito obrigado!”.

Que o Senhor lhes dê a paz!

Clóvis e Ronald

"Dear Dr. Shivani & Team
We want to thank you for all the dedication and patience, all the support and clarification. Our biggest dream is now complete: our baby is an angel of light who you kindly helped bring to the world. There are situations in our lives for which words cannot translate the greatness of the feelings that vibrate within our soul. This is definitely one of them! Therefore, we write to you from heart to heart, from spirit to spirit - the only way able to understand deeply the language of noble feelings. Receive our eternal gratitude and appreciation.
May God bless you always!
With love,
Clóvis and Ronald"
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Thursday 21 March 2013

From the U.S.A : a baby girl

From the U.S , another happy family...

Dear Dr. Shivani,

Thanks to you, we heard our daughter cry for the first time at her birth - a memory we will never, ever forget.

A year ago, we could only hope to have a child. And then we found SCI, and the experience has exceeded our expectations. Because of you and your team, we are now a family, and we will forever be grateful.

The entire SCI staff was fantastic to work with from beginning to end. In particularly, I must thank Meg - she's the reason we choose SCI in the first place, and she was there supporting us in ways no one else could right up until the end.

Best wishes to you, your team, and your clients!

John, Morgan, & Saffron
We wish this family the choicest of blessing and many years filled with light, laugher and joy.
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Wednesday 13 March 2013

SCI ANNOUNCEMENT : future work with non - married clients & those travelling on a Tourist visa

We are all very aware of the uncertainty that recent changes to visa requirement has caused our surrogacy community.

After the most recent communication with FRRO, SCI  believes it has no recourse other than to postpone treatment for non - married clients, rather than expose clients to legal action for violation of visa conditions.

We have included a copy of the letter we have sent all concerned SCI clients ( irrespective of your marital status, we cannot start a new treatment cycle : ie receive samples,sperm collection, IVF, egg collection with any client who travels on a tourist visa regardless of treatment being planned in 2012) :


I know that you are aware of the many issues surrounding the new visa requirement. This has been a confusing and challenging time for us all.
I would like to inform you about what has happening from our end:
1.     After Christmas we were made aware of the new visa requirement and as such we accepted no new non- married and single IPs.

2.     After approaching both the MHA & FRRO, a meeting was held on the 5th of Feb at the FRRO, the FRRO recognized that there are IPs who are already in the process, all of whom may not be able to satisfy the new visa requirements. In the meeting a demand was made to forward a list of all clients who are pregnant and or/in treatment. 

3.     SCI approached clients for names to be placed on the list.

4.     On the 1st of March, the FRRO demanded the list be forwarded

5.     On the 8th of March, we received a letter from the FRRO dated the 6th of March 

The relevant part of this letter which impacts on you reads as follows.

The appropriate visa category for commissioning surrogacy is a medical visa.

Tourist visa is not the appropriate visa category for surrogacy and legal action

will be taken for violation of visa conditions.

o   We were informed that as per the Ministry of Home Affairs directions surrogacy is not allowed in case of single parent. However, in cases where surrogacy has already been commissioned it will be examined on case-by-case basis.

o   We were informed by the representatives that there are some “grey zones” in the present surrogacy requirements, which should he looked into by the government.

 We are currently seeking clarification about your situation as we believe you to be clients who have already commissioned surrogacy. Until we have such clarification, we are requesting that you postpone your trip/procedure until a clear reply is obtained by us from the concerned government authority. 

For those of you coming to India on tourist visa, you will only be able to sign a surrogacy contract, but no treatment can commence until we have further clarification, or you have obtained a medical visa.
We are very sorry for these circumstances; the said postponement is beyond our control and is directed by government. We have no wish to place you in a circumstance in which the consequences are unknown.
SCI will not give up on your dream, we remain hopeful to being able get back to you soon to start the process.

 Please email us with any queries or concerns that you may have, but we would ask that you be mindful that we are seeking further clarification of the definition of " surrogacy has already been commissioned " in writing :


Sunday 10 March 2013

From India : a beautiful baby girl.

Not all our families travel across the globe ...

"A big Thank you to Dr Shivani and the entire team at Sci and Eden hospital for giving us our bundle of joy Aaliyyah Khanna!

Dr Shivani and the entire team have been thoroughly professional and taken care to attend to the smallest detail.
Thank you ever so much once again.
Oona and Yaadi"
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Wednesday 6 March 2013

From the U.S : a baby girl

A man's dream comes true...

Dr Shivani

I can't say to you what I am feeling for making my dreams come true. You know the time in your life that you are so happy and you can't find the word or words to express myself. That is this time. I can not thank you enough for giving me Isabella.

I am a father a dad and a papa.

Your team you having working for you is awesome. I like to also thank Rachna as she was such a wonderful co worker that answered my questions and made things easier. I wish all the rest is you clients are as happy as I am and that the laws don't go in full effect so other single fathers can make there dreams come true.

Once again thanks for everything.

Michael and Isabella.

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Monday 4 March 2013

SCI is on the National Registry of ART Clinics with ICMR

We understand the stress and anxiety that the requirements of the new surrogacy visa has caused many of you.

We are pleased to announce that further to the verbal confirmation and emails we have forwarded to clients, we now have official confirmation from ICMR.

We thank Dr. Sharma for all his and his teams' work in progressing this matter.

The confirmation of registration will be on the ICMR website, accessible to all embassies, consulates and visa services.  If you are a client of SCI please contact us for a copy of this letter: