Tuesday 24 May 2016


Hi folks, 

Myself and My wife P would like to thank you all for your terrific help, From Lalit , Jyoti and Arpana and their prompt and clear emails and messages whenever we needed a question answered.

To Gourav, always clear in the costs and fast to respond to queries and helpful in bank transfers.
To Nabanita, you were brilliant with the emails and photos of the girls after birth and again when we got to Delhi, very helpful.

If we forgot anyone, we are sorry, but Shivani, you were right last year when you told us that it would work, the SCI Clinic have helped us to have two beautiful girls , we are truly grateful for all the great work that was put in, we hope to begin a new chapter of our lives now and you will all be remembered fondly in our memories.

A huge thanks
Happy Family from Ireland

Tuesday 3 May 2016

Many Congratulations to our New Parents !!

Many Many Congratulations to our new mommies and daddies! Hope that you are enjoying a lot with your little ones

God bless you all, Love from SCI Family!!