Saturday 22 December 2012

Happy Holidays & Miraculous New Year to all

We want to take this opportunity to let you all know how much we appreciate our blog community - we are thankful for the support and care you all give and the stories that you share 

SCI sends our best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a happy and miraculous  New Year.

Our thoughts are especially with the 266  SCI babies who are celebrating their first holidays with their families.

Happy Holidays

Friday 21 December 2012

From the UK: dreams coming true with our baby boy

After many years on the infertility treadmill, many of our families know a miracle when they see one. Meet one such family...

"Our miracle baby, Jai, came into our family on Nov 16th and our lives changed forever. After much heartache and hardship, we came to see Dr. Shivani in the hope that we too could one day have the child that we have yearned for. 

Our journey started in February 2012 and in November we came to Delhi to be present at the much awaited birth of our child. We will never forget that precious moment when the doctor came in to tell us that we have a healthy baby boy. Jai is everything we dreamed of and more. He's made us complete. We've finally become mummy and daddy.

Miracles can happen, it's happened for can happen for you.

We look forward to the years ahead as Jai grows, develops and becomes a respectable gentleman in his own right.

Thank you Dr. Shivani and all the team at SCI who made our dream come true. Thank you to our surrogate who will always have a special, respected place in our hearts.

Jazz & Harj. UK."

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Monday 17 December 2012

From the U.S :- a handsome chap

The best of Christmas blessings, a handsome chap to complete this family. Congratulations Greg & Lewis, may the coming years bring you much joy, laughter and happiness.
We knew this wasn't going to be the easiest thing in the world to do,
but that has never stopped us before. After 21 years together, we
decided that it was high time to start a family. We thought (and
fough)t about adoption. We tried luring a wayward niece to come live
with us to no avail.

We knew something was really missing in our lives. Our good friends in
San Francisco suggested we contact SCI Healthcare. They had a
beautiful baby girl and by all accounts was just perfect.

Nine months ago we arrived in Delhi- shell shocked from the flight,
but ready to start the process. The first try with frozen sperm was
unsuccessful. Dr. Shivani suggested we come back for a live transfer.
We did to great success.

The months passed quicker than I had expected and we once again found
ourselves in Delhi and in the capable hands of SCI. Our baby was
actually born while we were in the air. When we arrived at the
nursery, we looked around and spotted the most beautiful little baby
boy. I know that was ours.

Due to a delay, we had to stay in India a little longer than planned,
but now that we are home, everything is A-OK. Our little boy is happy,
healthy and a handful.

For those of you thinking of doing this, I can tell you their success
rate is very high. I would also suggest that you stay in the nicest
hotels as possible if you are used to nice hotels when traveling. The
Leela Palace, The Frasier Suites (apartments) and the Lalit were
standouts. It helps that there is a very quiet place to go home to,
where the food is excellent and the amenities are many.

Also, DO opt for the nurse program. For about $38US per day you get
round the clock care. This was vital for us as our nurse taught us so
much. (We miss her!!!!)

Thank you Dr. Shivani and your entire staff. While things did not go
100% as planned in our over-organized American minds, in the end, it
was perfect.

Introducing our best Christmas gift ever:
Born November 19, 2012
7lbs. 22"

All the best, Lewis and Greg
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Saturday 15 December 2012

From Argentina : Now and forever our hearts divided between India and Argentina

After years of infertility and the struggles that go with it, this Argentinian family can celebrate the joy of having their first baby - another SCI family together at last.

"Estimada Dra Shivani

Estamos muy contentos de haber recibido a nuestro primer hijo a traves del sevicio de SCI Healthcare
Estamos muy agradecidos de su dedicacion y cuidado que han seguido con nuestro hijo Francisco Agustin tambien con el cuidado y el cumplimiento de obligaciones por parte de nuestra madre subrrogada.
Nuestro corazon desde ya estara dividido entre India y Agentina.
Esperamos poder seguir en contacto con Uds. por futuros deseos de agrandar la familia.
Francisco y Nosotros agradeceremos hasta el fin de nuestras vidas lo que han hecho por nosotros.
Graciela y Fernando

Dear Dr. Shivani

We are very pleased to have received our first child through the SCI Healthcare service.
We are grateful for their dedication and care that have followed by our son Francisco Agustin also with care and compliance obligations by our subrrogate mother.
Our heart from now will be divided between India and Agentina.
We hope to keep in touch with you for future enlarge the family wishes.
Francisco and us appreciate until the end of our lives what they have done for us.
Graciela and Fernando"
We wish this family the choicest of blessings and years filled with joy, laughter and light.
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Friday 7 December 2012

From Australia: Proud Pappa's and their boys

A traditional story, a couple meet, fall in love and now they have the " happily ever after"...

Dearest Dr Shivani and team SCI,
After so many years of dreaming of starting a family, you helped make our dreams come true.
You and your team guided us through every step of the process with such professionalism, love and care.
Your ISIS clinic, new born hospital and all your programs are of the highest standards, and in our view world leading.
Finding words to express how grateful we feel is very difficult, but you must know that you have brought much joy and happiness to our family and that we are deeply thankful for what you have done for us.

We must especially thank our wonderful surrogate whom carried our beautiful and healthy twin boys through to 36 weeks. She is such a kind hearted and inspiring woman whom we will always keep very close to our hearts for the gift she has given us.
A special mention al to Lalit, Rachna, Neha and Yogita whom were always available to help us and answer our many questions. We must also thank all the wonderful nursing staff at Eden New Born Hospital whom took such good care of our boys.
So a BIG THANK YOU to all of you we are eternally grateful and overjoyed to be leaving India with Felix and Matteo and now the family we always dreamed of!
Daniel, Andrew, Matteo and Felix
We wish Daniel, Andrew and the gorgeous Matteo & Felix the choicest of blessing and life filled with laughter, light and happiness.
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Wednesday 5 December 2012

From Europe: low ovarian reserve and twins!

One of the challenges faced by many parents is the dreaded low ovarian reserve and whether to try with a self cycle or move on to donor eggs.

At SCI, we always want people to be aware of all the factors that will likely impact on their chances of success so that they can make an informed decision on the best way forward for their family.

This family, after years of infertility treatment in their home country, wanted one last try with their eggs...

Dear Dr. Shivani, dearest M., SCI Healthcare Team, Meg and Margarida, Doctors and Nurses at Eden Hospital and Mariamma’s Nanny-team!

We are the happiest people in the woooooooooooorld!!!!!

Somos feliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizes!

Our twin babies were born at the end of October here in Delhi and we want to thank you all from our hearts to have helped make this possible by your work and dedication!

The two have made their way into our hearts so quickly and deeply – they are the most wonderful creatures – and already have such distinct personality!

We are impressed by how well and professional and prompt your clinic and organisation is working.

We would like to mention that I am a lady with “low ovarian reserve”, according to my AMH and Estrogen levels. Dr. Shivani suggested to us to have an egg donor - but we insisted to try with my eggs.

We decided to have faith in my eggs despite the numbers and statistics – after all you only need 1 good embryo to get pregnant! 

Dr. Shivani did a very good job with the delicate “egg-growing” inside my ovaries. We know this process is rather based on experience and intuition than on science. The laboratory team fertilized and groomed them well.

We got pregnant in the first attempt and now our boy and girl are here!!! Thanks to our dearest surrogate mother, and the expertise of the Dr. Shivani and the laboratory team!

We would also like to mention the communication; it is vital during these 9 months when intended parents are far away. We never had to wait for an answer from you more than half a day and we could even write to you when we were worried about something non medical and would always get an intelligent, helpful and emphatic answer.

After the birth of the babies at Eden hospital, with the doctors and nurses there – and the team of nannies connected with SCI we have always felt in the best hands. The crib and baby bath tub that you lend parents for the time in India is a very helpful indeed,

A blessed and happy couple!


We wish this family the choicest of blessings in the future.

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Thursday 29 November 2012

From the U.K : Two lucky Daddies, two beautiful girls

Another family completed, another bundle of girls going home to the UK with their very proud Daddies...

We wish this family the choicest of God's blessings and every happiness in the coming years.

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Monday 26 November 2012

From the U.S - the most beautiful sibling project

It is always wonderful when a family comes back and trusts us with a sibling project. A chance to see an SCI baby who is older and introduce them to a much wanted sibling, in this case a wonderful new baby sister.

Dear Dr Shivani and the entire staff of SCI,

We would like to express our deep appreciation to you for helping us make our dreams come true. Looking at our precious new baby and our little girl reminds us of your incredible gift. It is people like you that make the world a brighter place. It has been, and continues to be, an unforgettable and pleasant experience.

The Kirkpatricks

"Kind hearts are the gardens, kind thoughts are the roots, kind words are the flowers, kinds deeds are the fruits" - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We wish this special family the choicest of blessing and wish them every happiness in their future.
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Saturday 24 November 2012

From Norway: Twins- what beautiful eyes...

Truls only wish was to become a father and through SCI, his dreams came true with the birth of Signe & Christian in early November.

"November 6th a dream came true, and I became a dad to twins!! A girl and a boy, and
their names are Signe Elvine and Christian Leander! My feelings are hard to put words on, but
I feel so blessed and happy:) The children are just adorable and healthy!

I have so many to thank thru the SCI. First of all, thank you dr. Shivani for your professional treatment.

I will also of course send my blessings to the wonderful surrogate and her family.
Thank you to all the staff at SCI that I`ve been emailing with. You have always
responded quickly on all my questions and worries:) (Neha, Rachna, Meenu and all the others...).

Than you so much Meg, for guiding me threw this process from the very beginning. Sorry, I don`t
have your email, but I`m still following your blog!

Best regards from

Truls F

We wish Truls, Signe & Christian the choicest of  blessings.

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Friday 23 November 2012

From Australia : a beautiful bundle...

As with many of our families, this family spent years struggling with infertility and further years looking into adoption.

We are pleased to say that their journey is finally at an end, another SCI family completed.

Happy Family

We recently were lucky enough to have been blessed by the birth of 2 beautiful perfect baby girls (no bias at all). Words cannot express how thankful we are to Dr Shivani and her amazing team. From the admin staff all the way through to the paediatricians and wonderful nurses who cared for our babies when they were born.
After years of disappointment trying natural pregnancies / IVF cycles / adoption courses etc etc etc, our surrogacy experience was the total opposite.
At present we are sitting in the Svelte hotel, surrounded by a host of new families, all made possible by SCI. We find ourselves sneaking into the babies room to catch a glimpse of them when they are sleeping and we pinch ourselves everytime.

A special mention to our surrogate who has made all our dreams come true and kept our babies healthy and safe.
We can not thank everyone enough
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Tuesday 20 November 2012

From Australia : the newest Aussie baby boy.

Another SCI family completed in Delhi...

Dear Dr Shivani and the SCI Team,

After many years of heartbreak, we finally leave India with a beautiful baby boy.  This would not be possible without you and your amazing SCI team!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Much love,
Erika, David and James

We thank this family for their kind words and wish them the choicest of blessings in the years ahead.

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Friday 16 November 2012

From Australia : The beginning of the story

We often celebrate the end of families' stories, with the birth of a much wanted child. Behind each of these stories is the story of what brought families to India, to Delhi.

People who are unfamiliar with surrogacy in India, often think that IP's are indulgent; too posh to push, haven't tried enough etc... without understanding the context families or what brings them to surrogacy in India.

This is one such story, a brave story, a story of courage, of resilience, of persistence and we thank both Nel and Dan for sharing this very personal story with us... the beginning of their journey with surrogacy & SCI.

Dan and Nel from Victoria.


We have just returned from two and a half weeks of self cycling in Dehli. What an adventure we have had!! Right now embryo transfer is complete and we are awaiting a pregnancy test. In the meantime here is our story.

Our background

In 2009 we’d tried everything to get my body to produce eggs. Naturopath, acupuncture, Chinese herbs (which stank!!), clomid. We even saw my Aunty in the Philippines who uses massages to solve all of life’s problems. Nothing worked. In 2010 we turned to XXX IVF.

Cycle 1: 3 eggs, 2 embryos.

1 fresh transfer – successful

Preg 1 - ended at 13w, baby boy

Cycle 2: FET – unsuccessful

Cycle 3: 2 eggs, 1 embryo. Fresh transfer – unsuccessful

Preg 2 – natural, ended at 16w, baby boy.

Preg 3  - natural, ended at 22w, baby girl.

I delivered and nursed all of my precious babies.


My experiences of IVF were harrowing. High doses with VERY low ovarian response. Pushing through cycles 2 and 3 we began to notice the “bums on seats” mentality . 

Two surprise natural pregnancies sparked relief for us. YES we don’t need IVF anymore!!! But instead of shopping for frilly bassinettes we were slumped horrific losses. It was time to take my body out of the equation and tap into surrogacy.

 A new start

Desperate to start a family we saw a lawyer who advised us on all the red tape of surrogacy and adoption law in Australia. The mountain of the Australian system just seemed too big to climb. We started thinking outside the square where we quickly found that all roads led to SCI.

Surrogacy Centre India

Coming to terms with more IVF was very difficult. Having to go to a foreign country made it worse.....but facing another pregnancy was simply impossible. So we took a deep breath and went for it.

IVF in India

Where IVF happens

SCI’s IVF clinic ISIS hospital is an amazing place. Sitting in the midst of Delhi’s chaos is this little hospital. Ultra modern and staffed with the most gentle nurses. Within seconds of meeting Dr Shivani all my terrified thoughts had gone.  We were in the right place. 

Dr Shivani runs the IVF clinic herself and she knows EXACTLY what is going on with everyone. We have no idea how she does it. We could call her anytime and she treated us like we were her only patients.

After our initial meeting Dr Shivani scanned me and within seconds she was shaking her head. A big cyst on my left ovary. The following day I was in theatre having it drained.

Days later self-cycling began. I have never felt so at ease considering I was being given high doses of gonal F and growth hormones as well as antagonist everyday. We chose to attend the clinic everyday for injections. The nurses knew us by name and never ONCE asked me for a patient number. For the first time we truly felt that the sensitivity of our horrific past was being respected...and that we were people, patients...not numbers or bums for the seats.

Tour of SCI Headquarters

Dr Shivani took us on a tour of SCI HQ. She must do dozens of these every fortnight but she was so personal that we could have been her only patients. SCI runs like a well oiled machine. Every piece of the puzzle is well staffed and the whole operation is running like clockwork. We could see that every dollar of our fees goes to the operational costs of the business.

Handy things to know

From our Hotel room
·       Lots of SCI’s clients are Australians so you are not alone!!

·    We stayed at Svelte which is attached to a large mall. It was expensive but full of Aussies. The price is not for everyone but for us the companionship of other Aussies in the same boat was worth it. We cuddled babies, shared stories, ate out every night ($10 steaks with veggies from the Hard Rock Cafe!) Everything is out in the open. People were MORE THAN WILLING to share. I have never known such support.  

places to go, people to meet!

·       In India surrogacy is “normal”. Having foreigners around participating in surrogacy arrangements is simply an everyday part of life. 

·       Taxes! OMG taxes! Taxes ARE NOT included in the advertised price. That’s ok if you buy a small pizza for 225 ruppees (about $5). The 3 taxes - general tax (we called it GST), service tax and tax on the service tax (I kid you not!) only added up to 55ruppee (about $1). But when we got our accommodation bill the taxes (GST tax and luxury tax....YES LUXURY TAX!) added up to $500 for 17 nights. We were lucky we had extra “just incase” money. FYI when we went to the cinema we paid an “entertainment tax”.  

·       For currency exchange go the “Domani” money changer shop at the MbLock market. I promise you won’t get a better rate anywhere else.

So that’s our story. I can’t speak highly enough of the self-cycling experience. The hardest part of the journey was facing the pollution, grime and poverty on the streets. But in saying that, our surrogate is very well paid for the priceless gift she provides. And if our $$$ means that our surrogate’s family will have a better life; then it’s a definite win-win situation as far as we are concerned.

Wishing everyone blessings of babies

Dan and Nel,



Tuesday 13 November 2012

Happy Diwali from our SCI family to yours

Diwali is the festival of lights and celebration. one of the most important festivals of the year and is celebrated in families by performing traditional activities together in their homes.

It is a time in which family travel to be together; where our surrogate's families are assisted to be with their daughters, wives, mothers; where the surrogate accommodation is filled with  food, laughter, joy and light ( and family).

While Diwali is popularly known as the "festival of lights", the most significant spiritual meaning is "the awareness of the inner light". 
The celebration of Diwali as the "victory of good over evil", refers to the light of higher knowledge dispelling all ignorance, the ignorance that masks one's true nature.
With this awakening comes compassion and the awareness of the oneness of all things and this brings joy & peace.
Just as we celebrate the birth of our physical being, Diwali is the celebration of this Inner Light. 


May the Divine Light Of Diwali,
Spread Into Your Life Peace,
Prosperity, Happiness and Good Health.
Happy Diwali from our SCI family to yours,
with affection,
Dr. Shivani and the SCI Team

Wednesday 7 November 2012

From Spain : a Gorgeous Duo

Another proud SCI family from Spain...

Dear Dr. Shivani and staff,
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for the great effort you have always made to make my dream of being a father come true. You were always interested and pleasant when you needed to clear up any doubt when the pregnant mother went through a really complicated situation. From the 23rd week of pregnancy you worked hard and professionally, That is when I realized I was in good hands. My lovely and healthy babies Iker and Aryam were born in the 30th week of pregnancy.
I always followed your blog because I liked seeing every new birth while I was thinking I could be the one who proudly posted a picture of my own little babies so the whole world could see them someday.
From now on, I will keep on checking your blog to see every birth, and I will be happy to understand what those families are feeling at that moment. The same happiness I am feeling today thanks to you.
Lots of love to all the staff and thank you so much.
Íker, Aryam y Lauren. ( this is our story )


Querida doctora Shivani y equipo,
Quería expresaros toda mi gratitud por todos los esfuerzos que habéis realizado para que mi sueño de ser padre fuera una realidad. Siempre mostrasteis interés para resolver mis dudas cuando el embarazo se complicó enormemente. Desde la semana 23 de gestación trabajasteis con gran profesionalidad y me demostrasteis que estábamos en buenas manos. Gracias a ello llegamos a la semana 30 de gestación y nacieron sanos mis preciosos niños, Íker y Aryam.
Siempre seguía su blog porque me gustaba ver cada nuevo nacimiento y pensar que un día yo podría también mostrar a mis pequeños al mundo lleno de orgullo. Ahora continuaré haciéndolo para ver cada uno de los nuevos nacimientos y poder de alegrarme de lo que estarán sintiendo esas familias, esa felicidad que siento el día de hoy gracias a vosotros.
Un abrazo muy fuerte a todo el equipo y muchas gracias.
Íker, Aryam y Lauren. ( Esta es nuestra historia )
As with all our famiies; we wish this family the choicest of blessings.
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Thursday 1 November 2012

From Australia : a darling little girl

Another SCI family's dream come true with the birth of their little girl.

Hello Dr. Shivani ,
Here are photos of our beautiful miracle baby Isobel.Dr Shivani and her team have made this miracle possible for us:a gift for which there are no words!

Now Isobel is 7 and half weeks and every day she brings our family
new joy!

For anyone considering to undergo the surrogacy process, we send encouragement and assurance that for any concerns, the blessing of a newborn baby far outweighs them.
Melissa and Andy

We wish this family the choicest of blessings,

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Monday 29 October 2012

From the U.S - a cup full of goodness...

Another SCI family completed, this time from California...

A special note to Dr. Shivani and the SCI staff:

Our gratitude to Dr. Shivani and the SCI team is beyond words can express.They had been real professionals, caring and responsive, updating us with the much-needed communication throughout the whole process --- from conception to the birth of our twin girls.

When we met Dr. Shivani, we felt instantly that we were in good hands, her medical expertise is incomparable. The SCI staff, especially Shilpi, ensured that our stay in Delhi was pleasurable and less stressful.

We are forever grateful to you for making our dream a reality!

Wishing you continued success & blessings,

S & P of California,

Saturday 20 October 2012

From Australia: the Aussie baby boom continues...

The Australian baby boom continues with the birth of Sophie ...

Dear Dr Shivani, Dr Vishal and the amazing SCI team,

my journey to complete my family with the birth of Sophie Roma Douglas has been amazing. Something that I though would never be possible, is now a reality.

Dr Shivani and her team guided me every step of the way, with the untiring support in Australia from Margarida, John and Meg (two very dedicated Women and one very understanding Husband).

I would like to thank my Donor and Surrogate for the gift of life they have blessed me with and I hope that my Surrogate will continue to be a part of Sophie's life journey.

As a single parent now for the second time, I may not have found my life partner but I have my own family now with wonderful family support and friends. From the moment Sophie's little fingers wrapped around mine, my lifes journey became so much richer.

Thank You

Peter and Sophie

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Friday 19 October 2012

From Australia: A Daddy is born

There is something special in being able to help a man reach his dream of parenthood, after being told he would never be a Daddy...

Baby Antonio - 2.9 kgs of bliss

Dear Dr Shivani , Dr Vishal and to all the great staff at Sci Healthcare,

Thank you very much for helping me through out this journey , i had some personal  highs and lows to deal with, thanks for making me feel comfortable and giving me your undivided support ; at all those though times you guy's where there for me - especially  Margarida &Meg.
After being told i would never be a Dad from several  IVF clinics in Australia, i never expected this. I have really enjoyed this special time of my life. a problem free pregnancy and all the staff at SCI Healthcare & Dr Shivani to share this life changing experience with.

Thank you - You have filled my life with love and so much happiness,

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Tuesday 16 October 2012

From Australia : Perfection

Enough said...

Dr Shivani and team,

Please accept our eternal thanks for making little Lilah Nilma possible. Although she came into the world a fair few weeks early, she is perfect in every way. We will send a family photo once we are all together,

Much love,

Marty and Grant
from the Yarra Valley, Australia.

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Friday 12 October 2012

From Australia : a sibling project and another SCI Family completed

We know that we are doing all the right things when families come to us to both start and complete their families. This is one such joyous story....


Dear Dr Shivani and all the team
Well here we are again completing our family. We cannot thank you enough for fulfilling our dreams of becoming parents, not once but twice now.

We could not be happier with our boy Finn and now our beautiful daughter Maisie. I'm sure in the coming years Finn will also share in our joy and happiness.

Dr Shivani you change lives for the better and we thank you for the joy, happiness and family you have created for us. All our love and gratitude,

 Rusty, Scotty, Finn and Maisie xxx

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Tuesday 9 October 2012

From the U.S : a family completed

What a beautiful card and a gorgeous family...

We wish Donna, Stefano, Luke and Sofia the choicest of blessings and thank them for their kind words.

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Sunday 7 October 2012

From the U.S : SCI Family Reunion in California

One of the joys of surrogacy  with SCI, is watching what has been an on line community come to life when people are brought together in Delhi. This vibrant and supportive community allows for friendships to develop, and thrive with people from around the world or, more surprisingly around the corner from each other...

Dear Dr. Shivani,

This past weekend, we celebrated a Chinese tradition call a 'Red Egg' party, where family and friends gather to celebrate a baby's 100+ day birthday.

Everyone was enthusiastic to meet our guest of honor, who was a perfect baby boy throughout the entire 3-4hr gathering.

We were delighted that many friends and relatives could make it, but the highlight was reuniting with Adrian/Jason, Rob/David, and their precious babies at the party, all of whom we met during our time at in New Delhi. So lucky are we to associate Ethan's Red Egg party with our 1st SCI Family reunion.

Attached are photos of our 3 families together. The one with everybody is my favorite one.
In this photos, Ethan is 4 months, Kimaya (Rob/David's daughter), Olivia, and Clara (Adrian/Jason twin girls) are all ~5 months. I'm happy to report all babies are health--making baby sounds, engaging with their parents, and improving their motor skills.

I hope these photos will express to you how much we appreciate SCI's efforts when your team cared for our surrogate mothers and babies. Without your help, this celebration and other precious memories may not have been possible.

We have more photos and words describing the party at
Ethan's Red Egg post from our blog. Please take a look at your leisure to celebrate with us.

Feel free to share the contents of this email and photos on the SCI blog so that others can share the joy of each families' baby reaching the 100+ days milestone.

John and Michael

We wish all these special families the most joyful of blessings and wish them well in the coming years...

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Friday 5 October 2012

From Australia: beautiful baby girls...

Another couple's dreams fullfilled, another SCI family completed...

Dear Dr Shivani & the SCI Team,

There are no words that can discribe the feelings & emotions you have given us with the birth of our 2 beautiful girls.

Zoe & Jiya were born on the 18th of September but this journey started in January when we first met you & your team.

From the moment we met we felt comfortable & we have been informed & kept up to date from day one, the staff has been warm, welcoming, genuine and above all professioanal.

We cannot thank you enough for the dream you have helped turn into reality and the joy you have created.

Darrin, Jane, Nana Di, Zoe & Jiya

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