Wednesday, 5 December 2012

From Europe: low ovarian reserve and twins!

One of the challenges faced by many parents is the dreaded low ovarian reserve and whether to try with a self cycle or move on to donor eggs.

At SCI, we always want people to be aware of all the factors that will likely impact on their chances of success so that they can make an informed decision on the best way forward for their family.

This family, after years of infertility treatment in their home country, wanted one last try with their eggs...

Dear Dr. Shivani, dearest M., SCI Healthcare Team, Meg and Margarida, Doctors and Nurses at Eden Hospital and Mariamma’s Nanny-team!

We are the happiest people in the woooooooooooorld!!!!!

Somos feliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizes!

Our twin babies were born at the end of October here in Delhi and we want to thank you all from our hearts to have helped make this possible by your work and dedication!

The two have made their way into our hearts so quickly and deeply – they are the most wonderful creatures – and already have such distinct personality!

We are impressed by how well and professional and prompt your clinic and organisation is working.

We would like to mention that I am a lady with “low ovarian reserve”, according to my AMH and Estrogen levels. Dr. Shivani suggested to us to have an egg donor - but we insisted to try with my eggs.

We decided to have faith in my eggs despite the numbers and statistics – after all you only need 1 good embryo to get pregnant! 

Dr. Shivani did a very good job with the delicate “egg-growing” inside my ovaries. We know this process is rather based on experience and intuition than on science. The laboratory team fertilized and groomed them well.

We got pregnant in the first attempt and now our boy and girl are here!!! Thanks to our dearest surrogate mother, and the expertise of the Dr. Shivani and the laboratory team!

We would also like to mention the communication; it is vital during these 9 months when intended parents are far away. We never had to wait for an answer from you more than half a day and we could even write to you when we were worried about something non medical and would always get an intelligent, helpful and emphatic answer.

After the birth of the babies at Eden hospital, with the doctors and nurses there – and the team of nannies connected with SCI we have always felt in the best hands. The crib and baby bath tub that you lend parents for the time in India is a very helpful indeed,

A blessed and happy couple!


We wish this family the choicest of blessings in the future.

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  1. So so happy for your wonderful story which should be an inspiration to others . I love your beautiful story and bisous