Monday, 17 December 2012

From the U.S :- a handsome chap

The best of Christmas blessings, a handsome chap to complete this family. Congratulations Greg & Lewis, may the coming years bring you much joy, laughter and happiness.
We knew this wasn't going to be the easiest thing in the world to do,
but that has never stopped us before. After 21 years together, we
decided that it was high time to start a family. We thought (and
fough)t about adoption. We tried luring a wayward niece to come live
with us to no avail.

We knew something was really missing in our lives. Our good friends in
San Francisco suggested we contact SCI Healthcare. They had a
beautiful baby girl and by all accounts was just perfect.

Nine months ago we arrived in Delhi- shell shocked from the flight,
but ready to start the process. The first try with frozen sperm was
unsuccessful. Dr. Shivani suggested we come back for a live transfer.
We did to great success.

The months passed quicker than I had expected and we once again found
ourselves in Delhi and in the capable hands of SCI. Our baby was
actually born while we were in the air. When we arrived at the
nursery, we looked around and spotted the most beautiful little baby
boy. I know that was ours.

Due to a delay, we had to stay in India a little longer than planned,
but now that we are home, everything is A-OK. Our little boy is happy,
healthy and a handful.

For those of you thinking of doing this, I can tell you their success
rate is very high. I would also suggest that you stay in the nicest
hotels as possible if you are used to nice hotels when traveling. The
Leela Palace, The Frasier Suites (apartments) and the Lalit were
standouts. It helps that there is a very quiet place to go home to,
where the food is excellent and the amenities are many.

Also, DO opt for the nurse program. For about $38US per day you get
round the clock care. This was vital for us as our nurse taught us so
much. (We miss her!!!!)

Thank you Dr. Shivani and your entire staff. While things did not go
100% as planned in our over-organized American minds, in the end, it
was perfect.

Introducing our best Christmas gift ever:
Born November 19, 2012
7lbs. 22"

All the best, Lewis and Greg
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