Wednesday 31 July 2013

From Australia : Two years on and now a book!

It is amazing where your journey will take you...


My husband and I had our daughter through SCI Healthcare back in 2010. I have since written a book and had it published here in Australia called ‘Surrogacy In India’- Dreams can come true’. It is our story as well as a self help book explaining from start to finish about doing surrogacy in India, all of the tests, paperwork needed etc. This book is available for purchase as a printed copy or as an e-book on the following site.  

Information from the Author

My husband and I embarked on a journey of a lifetime to make our dream come true, to get the baby we so desired, but could not conceive the natural way.

We are based in South Australia and our baby was conceived in a lab and began her life in the womb of a surrogate mother in New Delhi, India. Travelling overseas was our only hope of Shane having a child of his own.
Surrogacy in India shares our journey and provides practical information to help you make your dream come true. You will learn where to start, what to expect along the way and how to get your baby(ies) home with you, safe and sound to start your new family life. 
It is not always an easy journey, but in the end, it is well worth it.


Saturday 27 July 2013

From Australia : Twins to two joyous Dads

A pigeon pair returned safely home to their family and friends, just in time for their first photo shoot...

To SCI Healthcare and dr. Shivani,

                                                  It only seems like yesterday that we were on a plane Delhi bound to start the journey of becoming a family.
After meeting Dr. Shivani and her team it was an easy decision to go ahead and start the process. On the 27th of June 2013, we were blessed with the arrival of our beautiful twins, otto and Leni.
We could never thank Dr. Shivani and her lovely team enough for this wonderful gift of life, the process was made easy with the admin staff and there very prompt replies to all our emails.
The gift of life must truly be the ultimate gift, and that is what Dr. Shivani and her team do.

We will never forget you all!

Jay, Jeremy, Leni and Otto xxxxxxx
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Wednesday 24 July 2013

From the USA: A father meeting his son for the first time

Some photos just stay with you, this is one of them. After waiting for so long, to finally meet your child...

Dear Dr. Shivani,

A mere thank you seems wholly inappropriate in this situation, but nothing we can do or say can possibly measure up to what you have given us..."Lex", the first blessing we count every day.
After failed infertility treatments and failed adoptions, we came to you with a pocket full of hope. Less than nine months later, we have a healthy son of our very own!
Your team gave us unwavering support throughout the entire process and bent over backwards to make sure we made it home in time for my husband to meet Lex before returning to Afghanistan. 
Even though we are eternally grateful for what you, your team, and our surrogate have already given us, we have complete confidence that we will be back in Delhi for another baby pick-up. 
With the sincerest of thanks,

We wish this family the choicest of blessings and pray for the safe return home of this father to his family.
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Tuesday 23 July 2013

Breaking News: Legal Challenge to ban on single intended parents


A Sudanese Man is challenging  the changes made to visa applications which prohibit single clients from accessing surrogacy services in India. The final decision of the courts may take 2-3 years to determine.

However, if the courts grant a stay on the particular notification which prohibits surrogacy for single people, this stay will be applicable to all States of India because the notification is common across all States.

This would grant interim relief to all single clients and allow treatment to recommence.

Sunday 21 July 2013

From Australia: another beautiful baby girl

After 19 years of trying in Australia, this special family is blessed with a beautiful baby girl...

Dear Dr Shivani and all the SCI Team

You have made all our dreams come true and our hearts are now full.

We will never be able to thank our beautiful surrogate and donor enough

You will always be part of our lives and memories and our daughter will know the part you all played in completing our family after 19 long years

Love to you all

S & N

We wish this family the choicest of blessings. If you would like to find out more about surrogacy in India, please contact us at

Friday 5 July 2013

From Spain: new Papa's and beautiful twins

One Spanish family's reflection on their journey with SCI...

Hoy hace 10 semanas que nacieron nuestros queridos hijos Gael y Jimena en el Hospital Eden de Delhi. Son dos bebés sanos y muy simpáticos, que nos hacen inmensamente felices.
Fue difícil tomar la decisión de ser padres mediante subrogación y elegir una clínica que nos diese confianza. Sin embargo, la clínica SCI y su genial equipo humano lo hizo todo mucho más sencillo. Nos han atendido con cariño y eficiencia antes, durante y después del embarazo, facilitando en todo momento nuestro bienestar y el de nuestros hijos. También nos consta que han cuidado con cariño y respeto de la maravillosa mujer que ha gestado a nuestros hijos, algo que era muy importante para nosotros.
Sabemos que los nuevos cambios introducidos por el Gobierno Indio en la normativa de visados hace difícil la subrogación para los españoles, pero no desistáis y luchad por vuestro sueño porque realmente merece la pena. Y confiad en SCI, pues aunque puedan surgir algunas diferencias culturales, son gente estupenda y muy buenos profesionales que os ayudarán en lo que necesitéis. Si contactáis directamente con ellos sin agencias intermediarias, mucho mejor. Os pueden facilitar todo lo necesario.
El hecho de ser una pareja homosexual nunca condicionó el trato recibido, que fue siempre respetuoso y en igualdad de condiciones que una pareja heterosexual.
Si tuviésemos que empezar de nuevo, elegiríamos sin duda a SCI. Muchas gracias a la Dra. Shivani, al Dr.Vishal, Jyoti, Lalit, Gourav, Neha, Yogita y Rachna. Os estaremos eternamente agradecidos.
Saludos desde Murcia,  España, de parte de Juan, Pedro, Gael y Jimena.

Today it has been 10 weeks since our loved babies Gael and Jimena were born at Eden Hospital in Delhi. They are two healthy and very nice babies, who make us really happy.
It was hard to take the decision of becoming parents through surrogacy and to choose a clinic which  produces confidence. Nevertheless, SCI clinic and its great team made everything much easier. They assisted us with tenderness and efficiency before, during and after pregnancy, helping both us and our children to feel comfortable. We already noted they looked after our surrogate mother with love and respect, and that was very important for us.
We know that new guidelines issued by Indian Government regarding visa requirements makes more difficult surrogacy for Spaniards, but do not give  up and struggle for your dream to come true because it is really worth it. And do trust SCI, as although some cultural differences may come up, they are wonderful people and great professionals which will help you in everything you need. You better contact directly with them without any intermediary agency. They can provide you with everything.
Being a gay couple never affected how we were treated, which turned out to be always respectful and in the same way as a heterosexual couple.

If we had to begin now again, we would definitely choose SCI. Thank you very much to Dr. Shivani, Dr. Vishal, Jyoti, Lalit, Gourav, Neha, Yogita y Rachna. We will always be grateful to you.
Greetings from Murcia,  Spain, from Juan, Pedro, Gael and Jimena.
As with all our families' we wish this new family the choicest of blessings. If you wish to find out more about surrogacy with SCI, please contact us at :