Thursday 27 September 2012

From the UK: the daughter they have been aching for...

After so many failures, so many losses, this dream can seem so far away, but with the right team behind you, anythng is possible...
Dear Dr Shivani,

Our baby daughter, these are words we have been aching to say for the last eight years. And now, thanks to you, we can shout it out to the world...we have a baby daughter!!

No words can ever express the joy we feel right now. To say we are happy is an understatement. Elated...over the use any of these words is an understatement. How does one describe the overwhelming love we feel when we look at her, when we touch her, when we think about her.
Thank you Dr Shivani for helping us fulfil our dreams and complete our family.

After years of unsuccessful IVF treatments and miscarriages we had genuinely given up...and then we came across you and SCI. After a few emails to Margarida and Meg (who were fantastic) we knew instantly that we just had to give it one last shot. We are so so glad that we did.

A big thank you also to all your staff at the clinic who have shown wonderful professionalism, kindness and patience throughout this journey.
We have already recommended SCI to some of our friends. ..and promise to continue to spread the word.
God bless you Dr Shivani ....may you continue to shower your wonderful baby dust to other parents-in waiting.
Once again, thank you for for everything.
Sangita and Gurdip
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Tuesday 25 September 2012

From Australia : a beautiful baby girl

Another gorgeous story of a baby now back home with family and friends in Australia.

Dearest Dr Shivani, Team & Mrs.B.

We cannot Thank You enough for everything you have done for us.
You have literally provided us with a new life & world, words cannot convey the enormous gratitude that we feel for you all.
All through this difficult journey, you provided us with the strength and kind words to carry on. Doubt never crossed out minds that 'it wouldn't work' and that eventually we too, could become parents via surrogacy.
With the help of you, your team and of course our surrogate; Mrs B our dreams have now come true.

Attached is a photo of our little girl, Anais Grace aged 6 weeks and we couldn't be happier!.

Thank you ALL again,

warmest regards,
Astrid, Christian & Anais
As with all our families, we wish this one, the choicest of blessing.
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Sunday 23 September 2012

From Australia : a baby boy!

We welcome this handsome chap into the SCI family; a much welcomed son to a family who thought that this would never happen for them...

Dear Dr. Shivani,
After 4 years of pain, failure and disappointment through IVF, we never thought we would see the day we would become a mommy and a daddy. When we contacted you, we did so knowing this was our last available option in becoming parents. We entered into this pragmatically, unsure what the outcome might be. We had become accustomed to hearing "sorry", "negative" and "maybe next time". 
Well, this time we heard "positive" and we were overwhelmed, but of course still nervous. Nine months has never seemed so long!
The words "thank you" somehow seems insignificant. The best way we can thank you is to say Flynn is a beautiful, healthy, happy little boy with a world of opportunities ahead of him, and we will love and support him during his life journey. You have given us this.
To your team, our donor, and especially our surrogate we extend our deepest gratitude. What a beautiful thing each of you have done for us and for other couples in similar situations.
We are embracing being parents and spend each day simply loving Flynn!
Rochelle, David and Flynn
We wish this family the choicest of blessings and wish them all the best for their future
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Thursday 20 September 2012

From Costa Rica & USA: a bundle of Joy

It is with the greatest pleasure that we introduce you to Adriana & Diana ; another SCI family completed, how wonderful...

Dear Dr. Shivani, 

We'd like to thank you and your wonderful staff at SCI for helping us to start our family. It's hard to imagine now that our journey started when we contacted you just 11 months ago. Our egg donor from Costa Rica was so pleased with the care she received at SCI during egg collection back in December, 2011. Since then until now, we have been really impressed with the communication we have received from you. We'd like to especially mention Lalit who was always just a phone call away when we had any questions about our surrogate or the pregnancy.  His reassuring voice would always calm us down when we were anxious.  Also huge thanks to Meg and Rachna for answering dozens of questions and giving us all the information we needed. You truly have the most outstanding team at SCI. 

We are so grateful to you, our wonderful surrogate and egg donor for making our dreams come true!

Aaron, Eddy, Adriana & Diana

PS: Follow our adventures of starting a family with SCI at this link:

As with all our families, we wish this one, the choicest of blessing.
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Wednesday 19 September 2012

In the news: a surrogate's perspective -giving priceless happiness

A recent article published in the Navbharat Times (below) shows the other side of surrogacy, from the surrogate's perspective; no shame, no duress, just pride in being able to have helped  two families.

I could go on, but i believe that one our IP's , who is so very proud of their surrogate, said it best:

Neha feels proud of her mother Sanotsh. She takes her mother as a role model. She said her mother is not a IAS Officer ..she is a SURROGTE MOTHER. She said everybody works for their own family and children but my mother worked hard to bring happiness in others life. Keeping this thing in view my mother is a superstar.

Reporter wrote – Sanotsh did it very well and she feels very proud, however, there were some economic reasons as well which made her to pick this wonderful work. But she is very happy and confident.

There is a other surrogate mother Chanda age (30 ). She also has a daughter of 12 years. She took a loan of 3 lacks as her family was planning for her sister in law’s marriage. Her husband was a security guard so he was not able to pay this loan. Further to these circumstances Chanda decided to help her husband, unfortunately she passed only 8
th standard so she was unable to get any job. One of her friend suggested her about Dr. Shivani’s clinic & Surrogacy program. After this she went to Dr. Shivain’s clinic and gathered the information. Her family also allowed her to move further for the same. She then gave birth to one baby girl (for Australian Parents ) and bought unexpressable happiness in two families.

The Third surrogate mother Sita.. she has done it twice. She has her own 3 children. She said “ when I was pregnant my children said many times that we don’t want any siblings now but then I used to tell them that this is the baby for your Aunty and Uncle who doesn’t live in India. They want a baby and your mummy is helping them.

Fourth surrogate mother – she hasn’t met her babies from last two years. Her babies live in native place with their grandparents and she is in Delhi with her husband to earn money for the bright future of their family. She said that my babies doesn’t know that I have done surrogacy but my entire family knows about this and they all give me special respect for what I have done. She said – I helped other family and my family as well. Our life has changed now .. we have our own home own small scale business and we all are living happily. My two daughters are going to a reputed school and I am also planning for their bright carrier.

Fifth Surrogate mother said My husband has a private job and he earns very less. It was unable for us to suffer within the salary he earned. After doing surrogacy I have now organized fixed deposit for my children which will be very helpful in their future.

Report said “ Just like all these surrogate mothers there are many more who have helped second family and their own family as well. There is no word in dictionary which can express the meaning of one single word “ MOTHER”. They don’t feel any shame for doing this. They feel proud and confident. Some of them are thinking to do this again. Every surrogate mother who participated in the interview said that we all feel very happy that we are not so educated not so rich but still we are somebody who can bring priceless happiness in others life.

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Monday 17 September 2012

From Spain : a handsome chap

We are privileged to have individuals, couples and families from around the globe come to us, all with the same dream,  to become parents. Not all speak English, but it is the most common language used- although some clients make excellent use of interpreters while in Delhi. 

This is the culmination of one such parent's journey.

''Desde el pasado dia 3 de septiembre, soy la persona mas feliz del mundo, ya que ese dia, nació mi hijo Alexis Borg. Ahora estamos en Delhi, disfrutando el uno del otro, mientras preparamos los papeles necesarios para volver a España. Que este bebé tan precioso haya venido al mundo, no hubiera sido posible, si no hubiera contactado con la Dra. Shivani y su equipo, allá por el mes de octubre del año pasado, cuando elegí a SCI Healthcare, para ser Papá por gestación subrogada en India; probablemente uno de los mayores aciertos de mi vida, si no el que más; el resultado se llama Alexis Borg, la personita más bonita del mundo!.

       Dos líneas más para mandar un fuerte abrazo de cariño y agradecimiento a todo el personal que trabaja junto a la Dra. Shivani, y a ella en especial."


We wish this family the choicest of God's blessings and wish them all the best for their future.

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Friday 14 September 2012

From Ireland: a much loved daughter....

Like so many of our families, this special family from Ireland has been through the infertility marathon, with many years of  unsucessful IVF treatments and exploring adoption options. So it is with great joy and delight that we present Ireland's newest lass, Molly.

Dear Dr Shivani and staff at SCI

This morning I looked at our precious newborn girl and said a little prayer.  This is the same prayer I say everyday since I found out we were pregnant.  I say a prayer of thanks to you Dr Shivani and our wonderful surrogate.  We have been seven years pursuing this dream and for so long it looked like it would never come true.
After countless ivf's, donor egg ivf's embryo donation, adoption information sessions we were just scarred mentally and physically.  Then we met Dr Shivani and for the first time in a long time began to feel hope.  Thanks to Dr Shivani and her staff and our wonderful surrogate on our second try we were blessed with Molly Angela - our little angel.

 Our pregnancy has been a bit of a rollercoaster but I often say to John and he agrees completely without the care and dedication of you and your staff this journey would have been so much tougher.  That is IF it had even continued.  I can honestly say hand on heart that I know in my heart and soul we would not even be close to this miracle without Dr Shivani.  To that we are just completely and totally eternally grateful.   

you are forever in our prayers,
Karen, John and Molly xxx

We wish this family the most joyous of blessings.
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Monday 10 September 2012

Wednesday 5 September 2012

From Canada: A bouquet of beauty

For those who ask about sending their precious embryos to Delhi, let us present this bouquet of gorgeous babies. We continue to receive shipments of embryos, eggs and sperm from around the globe on a weekly basis and these beautiful flowers are the result of one such shipment from Canada.

Dear Dr. Shivani,

We would like to thank you and your wonderful staff at SCI for helping give us the best gift in life.  When we started this journey 9 months ago, it was a glimmer of hope.  We did a lot of research, talked to others who were clients at your facility and decided to give it a chance, not even meeting you or the facility in person. 
We sent our precious frozen embryos through cyro shipping across the world and it worked, our surrogate was pregnant with twins on the very first try!!  Throughout the pregnancy we were always well informed on the babies’ progress and when we emailed questions, whether day or night, they were always answered promptly.

We are forever grateful for the precious gifts we never thought we would have!

Sandy, Devony, Makenna & Rylan
We wish this family the most joyous of blessings.
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Monday 3 September 2012

From Australia: Dad's destiny fulfilled in a picture perfect life

Dad's destiny fulfilled in a picture perfect life



HAROLD David never dreamed of becoming a dad a few years ago - the single gay photographer just didn't think it was possible. 
But with the help of a surrogate program in India, the Sydney snapper today celebrates his first Father's Day as the loving dad to six-month-old twins Franklin and Henry.

"Being a dad means everything to me," David told The Sunday Telegraph from his home in Sydney's west.

"I am over the moon. This is my world now.

"When this happened I just knew this is what I was destined to do and be."

Becoming a father was an 11-month process for David, who engaged the services of doctor Shivani Sachdev-Gour, of New Delhi's Surrogacy Centre India.

"Dr Shivani led me by the hand the whole way, I trusted her completely," he said. "She sent me lots of options for surrogates and I chose. We got pregnant straight away with twins and nine months later, I had my babies. It was very straightforward."

In total, David paid up to $45,000, including the cost of two trips to India.

Dr Shivani's services cost between $22,000 and $28,000 and clients can choose to pay more if they require an egg donor in addition to a surrogate mother.

Prospective women are heavily screened and must be married and finished with having children before undertaking surrogacy.

David used his sperm and chose to pay extra for an "educated egg donor", meaning his sons' biological mother has a university degree.

"The woman had her masters degree in psychology so the eggs cost $1000 more," he explained. "I paid extra money for a certain set of criteria."

David, 50, moved to Australia from the United States in 1995. He is single but had been in a relationship for 15 years previously.

David is one of our most respected fashion photographers, with his work featured in magazines including Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, and Grazia.

As a freelance photographer, his work hours change weekly so he has three different nannies on call to help with caring for his boys.

"I have always wanted to be a father," he said.

"I remember the one thing my mother said to me when I told her I was gay is that it is really sad because you're never going to have a family. It is fantastic to live in a world where that is not the case and I feel really good about that."

David met Henry and Franklin's surrogate mother after their birth. He has decided they will have no contact with her, although they have the option of getting in touch with her through SCI at any time.

David concedes surrogacy is a controversial issue but to those that don't agree, he says: "I don't care what they think. It is none of my business what they think. These guys are going to have such a rich and fortunate life."

Saturday 1 September 2012

From Sri Lanka & Australia - a bundle of joy

After many years of trying; after giving up hope, this lovely family is completed. More than ever imagined, or thought possible, a much loved and wanted bundle of joy.

We wish them the happiest blessings and thank them for their kind words.


Dear Dr Shivani,

Our heartfelt thanks for our 3 little miracles that you and the SCI Clinic helped us to bring in to this world. Not only did your clinic make it possible to make our dream come true but also it seemed so simple and natural, made so by the staff of your clinic.

Our special thanks to Rachna, Lalit, Yogita, Gourav, Margarida and Meg (Australia) to mention a few I made personal contact with and all the others behind the scenes who were so prompt and patient in replying our various queries.

We have no hesitation in recommending your clinic and I believe at least 3 parties have contacted you after our recommendations.

Thank you once again,
Menik & Tisara
21st August 2012
** NB : and for those who have asked, multiples make up 20 - 25% of all births at SCI, triplets ( born with the assistance of two surrogates), less than 2%.