Thursday 27 September 2012

From the UK: the daughter they have been aching for...

After so many failures, so many losses, this dream can seem so far away, but with the right team behind you, anythng is possible...
Dear Dr Shivani,

Our baby daughter, these are words we have been aching to say for the last eight years. And now, thanks to you, we can shout it out to the world...we have a baby daughter!!

No words can ever express the joy we feel right now. To say we are happy is an understatement. Elated...over the use any of these words is an understatement. How does one describe the overwhelming love we feel when we look at her, when we touch her, when we think about her.
Thank you Dr Shivani for helping us fulfil our dreams and complete our family.

After years of unsuccessful IVF treatments and miscarriages we had genuinely given up...and then we came across you and SCI. After a few emails to Margarida and Meg (who were fantastic) we knew instantly that we just had to give it one last shot. We are so so glad that we did.

A big thank you also to all your staff at the clinic who have shown wonderful professionalism, kindness and patience throughout this journey.
We have already recommended SCI to some of our friends. ..and promise to continue to spread the word.
God bless you Dr Shivani ....may you continue to shower your wonderful baby dust to other parents-in waiting.
Once again, thank you for for everything.
Sangita and Gurdip
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  1. Congratulations to you both. Your daughter is beautiful

  2. Sangita and Gurdip,
    You are so blessed with such a gorgeous daughter. After many years of trying, this would be a dream come true. Congratulations to you and to SCI for making this happen.