Wednesday 19 September 2012

In the news: a surrogate's perspective -giving priceless happiness

A recent article published in the Navbharat Times (below) shows the other side of surrogacy, from the surrogate's perspective; no shame, no duress, just pride in being able to have helped  two families.

I could go on, but i believe that one our IP's , who is so very proud of their surrogate, said it best:

Neha feels proud of her mother Sanotsh. She takes her mother as a role model. She said her mother is not a IAS Officer ..she is a SURROGTE MOTHER. She said everybody works for their own family and children but my mother worked hard to bring happiness in others life. Keeping this thing in view my mother is a superstar.

Reporter wrote – Sanotsh did it very well and she feels very proud, however, there were some economic reasons as well which made her to pick this wonderful work. But she is very happy and confident.

There is a other surrogate mother Chanda age (30 ). She also has a daughter of 12 years. She took a loan of 3 lacks as her family was planning for her sister in law’s marriage. Her husband was a security guard so he was not able to pay this loan. Further to these circumstances Chanda decided to help her husband, unfortunately she passed only 8
th standard so she was unable to get any job. One of her friend suggested her about Dr. Shivani’s clinic & Surrogacy program. After this she went to Dr. Shivain’s clinic and gathered the information. Her family also allowed her to move further for the same. She then gave birth to one baby girl (for Australian Parents ) and bought unexpressable happiness in two families.

The Third surrogate mother Sita.. she has done it twice. She has her own 3 children. She said “ when I was pregnant my children said many times that we don’t want any siblings now but then I used to tell them that this is the baby for your Aunty and Uncle who doesn’t live in India. They want a baby and your mummy is helping them.

Fourth surrogate mother – she hasn’t met her babies from last two years. Her babies live in native place with their grandparents and she is in Delhi with her husband to earn money for the bright future of their family. She said that my babies doesn’t know that I have done surrogacy but my entire family knows about this and they all give me special respect for what I have done. She said – I helped other family and my family as well. Our life has changed now .. we have our own home own small scale business and we all are living happily. My two daughters are going to a reputed school and I am also planning for their bright carrier.

Fifth Surrogate mother said My husband has a private job and he earns very less. It was unable for us to suffer within the salary he earned. After doing surrogacy I have now organized fixed deposit for my children which will be very helpful in their future.

Report said “ Just like all these surrogate mothers there are many more who have helped second family and their own family as well. There is no word in dictionary which can express the meaning of one single word “ MOTHER”. They don’t feel any shame for doing this. They feel proud and confident. Some of them are thinking to do this again. Every surrogate mother who participated in the interview said that we all feel very happy that we are not so educated not so rich but still we are somebody who can bring priceless happiness in others life.

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