Thursday 20 September 2012

From Costa Rica & USA: a bundle of Joy

It is with the greatest pleasure that we introduce you to Adriana & Diana ; another SCI family completed, how wonderful...

Dear Dr. Shivani, 

We'd like to thank you and your wonderful staff at SCI for helping us to start our family. It's hard to imagine now that our journey started when we contacted you just 11 months ago. Our egg donor from Costa Rica was so pleased with the care she received at SCI during egg collection back in December, 2011. Since then until now, we have been really impressed with the communication we have received from you. We'd like to especially mention Lalit who was always just a phone call away when we had any questions about our surrogate or the pregnancy.  His reassuring voice would always calm us down when we were anxious.  Also huge thanks to Meg and Rachna for answering dozens of questions and giving us all the information we needed. You truly have the most outstanding team at SCI. 

We are so grateful to you, our wonderful surrogate and egg donor for making our dreams come true!

Aaron, Eddy, Adriana & Diana

PS: Follow our adventures of starting a family with SCI at this link:

As with all our families, we wish this one, the choicest of blessing.
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