Wednesday, 5 September 2012

From Canada: A bouquet of beauty

For those who ask about sending their precious embryos to Delhi, let us present this bouquet of gorgeous babies. We continue to receive shipments of embryos, eggs and sperm from around the globe on a weekly basis and these beautiful flowers are the result of one such shipment from Canada.

Dear Dr. Shivani,

We would like to thank you and your wonderful staff at SCI for helping give us the best gift in life.  When we started this journey 9 months ago, it was a glimmer of hope.  We did a lot of research, talked to others who were clients at your facility and decided to give it a chance, not even meeting you or the facility in person. 
We sent our precious frozen embryos through cyro shipping across the world and it worked, our surrogate was pregnant with twins on the very first try!!  Throughout the pregnancy we were always well informed on the babies’ progress and when we emailed questions, whether day or night, they were always answered promptly.

We are forever grateful for the precious gifts we never thought we would have!

Sandy, Devony, Makenna & Rylan
We wish this family the most joyous of blessings.
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