Saturday 1 September 2012

From Sri Lanka & Australia - a bundle of joy

After many years of trying; after giving up hope, this lovely family is completed. More than ever imagined, or thought possible, a much loved and wanted bundle of joy.

We wish them the happiest blessings and thank them for their kind words.


Dear Dr Shivani,

Our heartfelt thanks for our 3 little miracles that you and the SCI Clinic helped us to bring in to this world. Not only did your clinic make it possible to make our dream come true but also it seemed so simple and natural, made so by the staff of your clinic.

Our special thanks to Rachna, Lalit, Yogita, Gourav, Margarida and Meg (Australia) to mention a few I made personal contact with and all the others behind the scenes who were so prompt and patient in replying our various queries.

We have no hesitation in recommending your clinic and I believe at least 3 parties have contacted you after our recommendations.

Thank you once again,
Menik & Tisara
21st August 2012
** NB : and for those who have asked, multiples make up 20 - 25% of all births at SCI, triplets ( born with the assistance of two surrogates), less than 2%. 

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  1. Menik & Tisara
    Triplets. A bundle of joy. Congratulations. Looks like all boys? They look simply gorgeous. I am so happy for you.