Thursday 31 May 2012

From Australia: A baby boy

It is fitting, that after the success of the Australian Surrogacy Conference, the first baby's story that we share with you is our newest littlest Australian, Theodore, much loved and adored by his parents and grandparents with him in Delhi and those family and friends waiting at home.

"To Dr Shivani and the SCI team,

It is not possible to adequately express our gratitude to you for bringing our beautiful baby boy Theodore into our lives.  Every aspect of the complex journey that is surrogacy has been made so much easier by the excellent team that SCI has assembled.  The outstanding medical care that we have received has been matched by the wonderful support staff that have been a tremendous help from beginning to end.  As medical practitioners, we also recognise the excellence of Dr Shivani and have no doubt that her expertise underlies the incredible success that we have experienced personally with SCI, and have witnessed amongst other parents that we have met during our stay in New Delhi. 

With all of our love and thanks,

Davina, Eamon and Theodore"

We wish this extended family the choicest of blessings and thank them for sharing their stories.

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Monday 28 May 2012

SCI at Surrogacy Australia Conference ( Melbourne)

The SCI team were privileged to be a part of the first Surrogacy Australia Conference in Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Shivani was one of the first key note presenters; greeted to the podium with a rock star style welcome with much cheering and whooping by those attending the conference.

                                              ( Thanks to Lucylu who took this photo)

It was wonderful to meet so many SCI families and those considering and commencing their journey with SCI. Meg & Margarida assisted Dr. Shivani and as a consequence both have no voice left, but many in our SCI family were happy to put faces to names. Dr. Shivani took pride in the number of SCI babies at the creche and the number of families willing to share their stories & experiences with SCI with others.

Wonderful news for India with Australia being the preferred destination for surrogacy:   and SCI being the preferred choice for Australians ( Surrogacy Australia Survey, 2012); with these Stats presented by Dr. Shivani supporting the outcome of the independent survey.

SCI Australian Babies

Babies born in 2010  = 24

Babies born in 2011 = 79

Total Babies born in 2012 = 121 ( 24 born & aprox 97 expected)

Australian babies = 224

And for those curious about the rest of the world:

SCI Babies 

Babies born in 2010 = 79

Babies born in 2011 = 152

Total Babies born in 2012 = 266 ( 56 born & aprox 210 expected)

SCI babies = 497

Further information on the conference presentation, including some wonderful videos will be shared in the coming days.

There is no doubt that the highlight of the conference was the dinner organised by grateful SCI parents, which blossomed to over 50 adults and many many babies & toddlers, all eager to see Dr. Shivani once again.

Dr. Shivani took great delight in reminding us all that she was the first to hold our babies when they were 2-3 day old embryos, delighted by how they had all grown. With much cuddling, cooing, reviewing of photos and telling of stories, a great time was had by all.

Monday 21 May 2012

From Norway: Baby Henrik

It is with great joy that we share with you our newest little Norwegian, Henrik, born to his proud parents, Eveliis and Jan

"Our baby son Henrik was born on May, 10, 2012. He is the best gift we have
ever received. We are so thankful for Dr Shivani and her team to help
to realize our dream. We also like to thank your surrogate mother for
carrying our child for 9 months.
Eveliis and Jan"

As with all our families, we wish Eveliis and Jan & Baby Henrik the choicest of God's blessings.

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Friday 18 May 2012

From the U.S: a sibling project & a family completed

We feel very mindful that so many family trust us to help them achieve their dreams of having a family; privileged when those same families come back to SCI,, to help them complete their family. This is one such story...

"Thank you Dr. Shivani and SCI!!

We spent many years struggling with medical procedures to try to overcome infertility and just have a family, something that seemed to happen so easily for people around us. We explored adoption as well and while that has been a wonderful road for many we know, it was not so for us, and again we felt further heart ache and truly started to believe that maybe we would never have children.

 Dr Shivani and her team helped change that for us in a matter of months.  Thanks to Dr Shivani and our generous donor and surrogate mother, in March 2011 our beautiful daughter Neve was born in New Delhi. Neve has brought us so much joy! We knew after a few months that we wanted a larger family and without hesitation we turned again to SCI for help. So, now here we are in May 2012 in New Delhi with our miracle twins, Ronan and Gemma. We have three healthy children and so many wonderful memories of our experiences here that the many years of struggle to get to this point have faded into the background.  Dr. Shivani is wonderful at guiding new parents through the process and her team at SCI are great with navigating the system in Delhi to make the exit process as easy as possible.

 We are greatly indebted to Dr Shivani and her dedicated team at SCI. Thanks to them we now have a wonderful family and feel so lucky every day that we made the decision to embark on this journey.  We have the utmost faith in the medical care that Dr. Shivani provides and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking to complete their family.


Gaelyn, Hamish, Neve, Ronan &Gemma"

As with all of our families, we wish Gaelyn, Hamish, Neve, Ronan & Gemma the choicest of God's blessings and wish them every joy in their future.

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Friday 11 May 2012

From India : a family's joy from india

We thought we would take the opportunity to share with you the thoughts of a local family who have become parents with SCI. We feel very blessed and the all the richer as a service, for working with so many different cultures, customs and religions, all with the same common thread, wanting to become parents.

Believe me, Dr Shivani and her entire team (out of which at least 5-6 people whom I had met personally in last several months) have done wonders for us which has strengthened more our faith in God. Her managing the entire project on her own in such a fantastic manner needs vast appreciation (unexplainable in words or mail) and her coming into our life has been nothing short of a God's miracle for us. Her support in our treatment, especially when we had some down phases, has made me indebted and more polite for my lifetime.

Dr Shivani & Dr. Vishal;: During several days of our baby's hospitalisation in DNBC we had seen several other happy parents (national as well as foreigners) and I have told many of them that I haven't found such a professional and noble person in a Doctor like you and they too felt that you are superb.

A personal feedback that DNBC is unmatchable for new borns and no hospital to the best of my knowledge can even think of competing for child treatment(upto 40 days) with them. I had several meetings with Dr. Sandeep Gupta during our baby's treatment and I have found to be totally dedicated to save children lives.

I wish the entire team more particularly but not limited to Gaurav, Yogita, Lalit, Saurbah Ji, Rachna , Aparna, Sucheta , a great career ahead with SCI. The Team SCI should be proud to have Dr Shivani & Dr Vishal as rare mentors and bosses.

With great thankfulness,

P joined by my wife and kids

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Monday 7 May 2012

Form Ecuador : a Papa and his little from ecuador

It is wonderful when you can people's dreams come true. We feel privileged to have been able to help Enzo, our first client from Ecuador. Enzo has also shared his story on his blog, his hopes, his dreams and fears. It has a wonderful ending, so if you get the chance, please have a read:

"Many time along our lives we listen to people saying that becoming a parent is the best thing that can ever happen. Now I know all those people were 100% right. The road was long , but thanks to Dr. Shivani and her wonderful staff , miracles and dreams do come true.

The other night i was having dinner with some friends , and one of them asked: Why did you wanted to become a father? The long awaited answer was very simple, I said : because becoming a parent and having to travel the surrogacy road in order to become a parent , is probably one of the biggest acts of love that a human can achieve. There is this interesting tale that's states that babies are like stars , waiting up in the sky for their moment to come down to earth. As for me , Ziara found me and I found her , she decided to come to me and I embrace her with the biggest amount of love that a man can provide. Thankfully there are little angels at the SCI Clinic that make this possible in a very smooth and easy way.

Say thank you is not enough but for now is all we have to offer.

Miracles do happen , for people out there please do not loose your hopes and always chase after your dreams.... because they do come true.
Blessings !
Ziara and Enzo"

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Saturday 5 May 2012

From the U.S : a family completed from U.S.A

Sometimes it is easier to let parents tell their stories ; after much heartbreak and failed fertility treatments, a family is completed and a beautiful little girl is surrounded and adored by her brothers, both big and small...

"Dear Dr. Shivani,

            We have searched and searched for the right words to express our tremendous gratitude to you for the incredible gifts that you brought into our lives.

            It is all but impossible to remember life before Benjamin and Whitney arrived.  They are dearly loved by their entire family!  Benjamin adores his two big brothers and they give him lots of attention.  Whitney seems to instinctively know that she is the only little girl in the family, with three brothers, as well as her parents, who treasure her!

            The years and years of fertility treatments, charting, and countless supplements/medications, and miscarriages in an attempt to expand our family is now a distant memory.  But, it was very fresh in our minds when we first made contact with your team.  Meg was incredibly reassuring and clarified to us that this truly could work.  After so many disappointments, it was scary to get our hopes up yet again.  The difference was that with your help it finally worked!  In fact, we were doubly blessed and could not have been happier!

            Your expertise has made such  a difference in all of our lives, as well as to many other families!  What you are doing is changing lives worldwide for so many people!

            Our family will be forever grateful for what you have done for us!!!

Dawn and Ray

(and…Ian, Lucas, Benjamin, and Whitney)

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Thursday 3 May 2012

From Sweden : Twin Girls From Sweden

It is wonderful to be able to help families from around the globe to achieve their dreams of parenthood. One of the commonest questions we get asked is how long will it take for me to be a parent? The answer is so complex and has so many variables, bur for this lucky father from Sweden, it was less than a year...

"It has been a fantastic trip both within me and now, with two small baby girls, outside of me! I am in so much gratitude to Dr Shivani for all the help I have got from her and her whole great team at SCI, with  Rachna, Jyoti, Deepika and many more.

There are so many stages in this process and the team has been so extremely service minded and guided me through all parts, from the beginning and following me through to the end stage, i.e. sitting in the sofa back home with two girls next to me.

 There was the choosing of the egg donor, the first trip to India, the egg collection, getting my own DNA, finding the right surrogate mother, the contract, the IVF and a very long path of about 8-9 months of USG scans and thorough check-ups of both surrogate and the growing of “something” in her belly! Not until I got a picture of my surrogate’s belly, I was realizing that this “something” inside her belly is for real and might end up in being a baby.

The second trip to India came quite quickly. Arriving at the hospital,I was prepared for a very long wait, but seconds later the door swung open and there was the doctor holding a child. Are you talking to me, I was thinking? Is this mine, looking around in a desperate way of  finding out whether he was for sure not addressing somebody else? So enormously many thought were penetrating my mind and it took me a couple of days to realize I AM A FATHER! Two little baby girls! Now there is the next step CITIZENSHIP and passport and the custody! Small  steps for girls, but giant steps for me if I had not got the support  from the SCI team! from the bottom of my heart
Thank you!

Christian from Sweden"

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Tuesday 1 May 2012

From the U.S: : An American love story - a Mommy & Daddy and baby

This is the joyous conclusion of a remarkable story of persistence, in which a Mommy and Daddy finally get to meet their beloved little girl.If you want read the prelude, we would encourage you to start at the beginning: 

"Dearest Dr. Shivani and the Staff at SCI:

Thank you for making our dream of having a family a reality. Through our arms were empty before, they and our hearts are now full. When we had just about given up hope of having a baby of our own following many failed treatments elsewhere and a miscarriage. We found you and our thankful to God for that.
We are grateful for the early help of Meg and Margarida, who answered many questions and reassured us.
Dr. Shivani, your medical skills and heart for your patients is unmatched. You are truly a special person with an incredible gift for setting each patients mind at ease. Thank you!
The entire staff at SCI has been attentive, responsive, efficient and just lovely. We have dealt with many doctors and hospitals but none have cared so much about us.
Thank You, and praise be to God for all of you for the precious gift of our beautiful daughter, Ariadne,

God bless you all, now and always.

With Love from Alex, Jill and Ariadne Josephine"

Jill & Alex, thank you for you kind words and generous gifts. We wish you all the choicest of God's blessings.

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