Saturday, 5 May 2012

From the U.S : a family completed from U.S.A

Sometimes it is easier to let parents tell their stories ; after much heartbreak and failed fertility treatments, a family is completed and a beautiful little girl is surrounded and adored by her brothers, both big and small...

"Dear Dr. Shivani,

            We have searched and searched for the right words to express our tremendous gratitude to you for the incredible gifts that you brought into our lives.

            It is all but impossible to remember life before Benjamin and Whitney arrived.  They are dearly loved by their entire family!  Benjamin adores his two big brothers and they give him lots of attention.  Whitney seems to instinctively know that she is the only little girl in the family, with three brothers, as well as her parents, who treasure her!

            The years and years of fertility treatments, charting, and countless supplements/medications, and miscarriages in an attempt to expand our family is now a distant memory.  But, it was very fresh in our minds when we first made contact with your team.  Meg was incredibly reassuring and clarified to us that this truly could work.  After so many disappointments, it was scary to get our hopes up yet again.  The difference was that with your help it finally worked!  In fact, we were doubly blessed and could not have been happier!

            Your expertise has made such  a difference in all of our lives, as well as to many other families!  What you are doing is changing lives worldwide for so many people!

            Our family will be forever grateful for what you have done for us!!!

Dawn and Ray

(and…Ian, Lucas, Benjamin, and Whitney)

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