Thursday, 3 May 2012

From Sweden : Twin Girls From Sweden

It is wonderful to be able to help families from around the globe to achieve their dreams of parenthood. One of the commonest questions we get asked is how long will it take for me to be a parent? The answer is so complex and has so many variables, bur for this lucky father from Sweden, it was less than a year...

"It has been a fantastic trip both within me and now, with two small baby girls, outside of me! I am in so much gratitude to Dr Shivani for all the help I have got from her and her whole great team at SCI, with  Rachna, Jyoti, Deepika and many more.

There are so many stages in this process and the team has been so extremely service minded and guided me through all parts, from the beginning and following me through to the end stage, i.e. sitting in the sofa back home with two girls next to me.

 There was the choosing of the egg donor, the first trip to India, the egg collection, getting my own DNA, finding the right surrogate mother, the contract, the IVF and a very long path of about 8-9 months of USG scans and thorough check-ups of both surrogate and the growing of “something” in her belly! Not until I got a picture of my surrogate’s belly, I was realizing that this “something” inside her belly is for real and might end up in being a baby.

The second trip to India came quite quickly. Arriving at the hospital,I was prepared for a very long wait, but seconds later the door swung open and there was the doctor holding a child. Are you talking to me, I was thinking? Is this mine, looking around in a desperate way of  finding out whether he was for sure not addressing somebody else? So enormously many thought were penetrating my mind and it took me a couple of days to realize I AM A FATHER! Two little baby girls! Now there is the next step CITIZENSHIP and passport and the custody! Small  steps for girls, but giant steps for me if I had not got the support  from the SCI team! from the bottom of my heart
Thank you!

Christian from Sweden"

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