Friday, 11 May 2012

From India : a family's joy from india

We thought we would take the opportunity to share with you the thoughts of a local family who have become parents with SCI. We feel very blessed and the all the richer as a service, for working with so many different cultures, customs and religions, all with the same common thread, wanting to become parents.

Believe me, Dr Shivani and her entire team (out of which at least 5-6 people whom I had met personally in last several months) have done wonders for us which has strengthened more our faith in God. Her managing the entire project on her own in such a fantastic manner needs vast appreciation (unexplainable in words or mail) and her coming into our life has been nothing short of a God's miracle for us. Her support in our treatment, especially when we had some down phases, has made me indebted and more polite for my lifetime.

Dr Shivani & Dr. Vishal;: During several days of our baby's hospitalisation in DNBC we had seen several other happy parents (national as well as foreigners) and I have told many of them that I haven't found such a professional and noble person in a Doctor like you and they too felt that you are superb.

A personal feedback that DNBC is unmatchable for new borns and no hospital to the best of my knowledge can even think of competing for child treatment(upto 40 days) with them. I had several meetings with Dr. Sandeep Gupta during our baby's treatment and I have found to be totally dedicated to save children lives.

I wish the entire team more particularly but not limited to Gaurav, Yogita, Lalit, Saurbah Ji, Rachna , Aparna, Sucheta , a great career ahead with SCI. The Team SCI should be proud to have Dr Shivani & Dr Vishal as rare mentors and bosses.

With great thankfulness,

P joined by my wife and kids

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  1. What a beautiful letter. I would definitely agree with what was written.

  2. Time of happiness awaits who patience and have faith. I hope to be best ever parent on earth.