Wednesday 30 April 2014

From Spain: another message of support for the " Surrogacy builds Families" campaign...

We are forever thankful for the continued messages of support coming from families around the world, here is another heartfelt message

Dear SCI team,

We want to let you know once again our gratitude for all that we have achieved a real family.
It's been a year since the birth of our twins, and we are extremely happy with them. They are adorable.

Sometimes we remember with great emotion and affection of the moments in India, especially the meeting we had with our surrogate. 

It was very exciting, just a glance told us everything, and we did not speak the same language. We will be forever grateful for giving 
us the greatest of our lives.

  We hope that many more families can achieve their dream in future and your team continue to make dreams a reality.

Best Wishes

Jorge, Raquel; Diego y Nicolás

Sunday 27 April 2014

More support from SCI Families' and fantastic media coverage for INSTAR Surrogacy Walk and workshop

We are blessed to have so many SCI families willing to make statements  and videos supporting their surrogate and surrogacy in India to coincide with the INSTAR surrogacy walk and workshop. Here is yet another example...


Surrogacy provides a life-fulfilling opportunity to parents who are incapable of initiating their dream of building a family. Without surrogates, their understanding, willingness and dedication, countless desirous parents would be left without any hope. 

Our story demonstrates the degree of the blessing that surrogacy can provide: we have gone through about 20 IVF cycles over 5 years, had multiple miscarriages and had no family to show for our commitment. We wanted so much to have a family, and the failures were depressing. 

When we found out about Indian surrogacy, a light came into our life. We travelled to India, met the clinic and questioned their processes, procedures and the level of commitment to surrogate care. We witnessed a system that worked, it satisfied us that the needs of surrogates, their families and ambitions were being delivered. The quality of care that we saw convinced us to use our chosen surrogacy centre with confidence and faith.

During our cycles, SCI was clear on their commitment to the health and well-being of our surrogate. We were comfortable in the knowledge that they were getting excellent care from the high quality Indian doctors and nurses. 

As a couple, we travelled the world and enjoyed other blessings in our life. However, nothing whatsoever matched the joy of  having our babies. Our young men are with us today THANKS to Indian surrogacy.
Please do not stop the good deed Indian surrogates, doctors and nurses are doing.

M&S Australia

Many of our surrogates participated in the surrogacy walk with the SCI team and we are very pleased with the media coverage, some of which can be seen below:

For more information of INSTAR and its valuable work, please click here : &

Friday 25 April 2014

From Hawaii, USA: a message about surrogacy and our surrogate

To whom it may concern,

We are writing to you from Hawaii, USA.  It has come to our attention that the surrogacy program in India has come under attack.  We would like to share our positive experience in the hopes of persuading the critics that surrogacy in India not only helps families like ours but is equally beneficial to the Indian people.  

After many years of failed attempts to conceive our own child, we came to the conclusion that being parents was not going to happen.  Fortunately, a friend suggested we look into surrogacy in India. 

From the beginning we were skeptical and had many doubts about how we would be received in India.  When we first started contacting clinics in India we realized this was a big business and was much more organized and viable than we thought.  We packed our bags and headed to India to see if things were real.  Filled with doubt and uncertainty we began our long journey to parenthood.  

From the first moment we stepped into our chose SCI Healthcare we noticed how much of a thriving business surrogacy in India truly is.  Everyone from the doorman to our own surrogate seemed forever grateful for our patronage.  We personally met our surrogate on two separate occasions and it was obvious to us this was a huge opportunity for someone to better their life and the life of their family.  

We are confidant our surrogate was taken cared of with the utmost care.  On our final meeting she left us with a feeling that she was headed for a brighter future for her and her family. 

SCI Healthcare alone must employ dozens of people who otherwise undoubtedly would struggle.  Needless to say there are countless “would be” parents like ourselves that have an opportunity to create a family.  Having our baby has been the biggest joy of our lives.  

We hope and pray that surrogacy will continue in India so other families on both sides of the coin will continue to flourish and grow.

Tuesday 22 April 2014

BREAKING NEWS AT INSTAR WORKSHOP: updated ART Guidelines ( 2013)

At the INSTAR conference held on the 20th of April, participants were  privileged to hear Dr. Sharma discuss the new ART Guidelines (2013) - please note the last paragraph

For further updates, please refer to the following;

Saturday 19 April 2014

INSTAR PRESS RELEASE : Surrogacy builds Families

INDIA takes a GLOBAL ROLE in Third Party Reproduction with INSTAR (Indian Society for Third Party Assisted Reproduction) hosting two National events on the 20th of April.
This walk challenges the notion that Surrogate mothers are abandoned by their families and their husbands as they are doing surrogacy. It challenges the notion that the family looks down upon surrogate mothers.
This walk demonstrates that in fact the husbands and family members of Surrogate Mothers have come out in their support .
ART BANKS of Indian origin, Caucasian origin and African Origin Egg donors will give their views - for The FIRST TIME IN INDIA. According to the Banks the problems that arise are due to a minority of unscrupulous elements claiming to be ART Banks. This is done to cut costs of treatment as they don’t have complete paperwork etc. Only registered Companies who have applied for registration with the ICMR should be used by doctors and patients, this will go a long way in reducing the problems.
Standardised DOCUMENTATION for Surrogacy will be given - this is for reference purpose and has been vetted by Legal and Medical Experts in the Relevant field and is in LOCAL Language and is an extension of the ICMR guidelines especially for post-delivery care of the surrogate mothers and counselling for the process

Some of our SCI Families, proud and thankful to their surrogate and India

Friday 18 April 2014

From the U.S : a family forever changed by the arrival of their twins

A family forever changed, India now part of this family's story forever more...

Dearest Dr Shivani and the SCI staff,

It was more than 6 months ago that our life-time dream of fatherhood finally came to reality, and we were blessed with Anjali & Arian. It has been an amazing journey, and our life forever has changed. A simple "Thank You" does not convey the immense gratitude we have for all of you. 

Also we are forever thankful to two beautiful and amazing women, our donor and our surrogate, Shabana, without whom this journey would not have been possible. We are appreciative of all the sacrifices Shabana had to make to carry our babies for 34 weeks. 

Throughout the journey, you guys have been professional, responsive and helpful with all the questions we had. New Delhi will always have a special place in our heart as the birth place of our babies. 

Keep up the great work, and may God bless you all. 

Payam, Sajeev, Anjali & Arian - from Brooklyn, NY

If you would like to find out more about surrogacy with SCI, please email us at : drshivnaisachdev@gmail. com. We look forward to receiving your email.

Saturday 12 April 2014

From Canada:a baby girl and 'an amazing experience'

Undertaking fertility treatment overseas can be worrisome, it lovely to hear that that SCI were able to make this ' a small issue'  for this family...

We came to know of SCI through another fellow Canadian that also had an amazing experience.  After a few attempts and the perseverance of Dr Shivani and her team we were blessed on March 3rd, 2014 with a beautiful healthy daughter, Ria.

We will be forever grateful to Dr Shivani and the entire SCI team for helping us achieve our dream of extending our family.  And a very special thank you must also go to our egg donor and our beautiful surrogate.
We found Dr Shivani and the entire SCI team to be professional, caring, responsive and always willing to assist.  They made the physical distance of being in Canada as small an issue as possible which is no small feat. I would just like to simply state that our first daughter was also born through surrogacy but with another Delhi clinic that proved to be unsatisfactory and unprofessional so we are so happy that we found to SCI. 

We feel so lucky to finally have our second baby girl and wish everyone much success on their journey,
Warm regards,
Teresa, Vikram, Sierra and Ria

We wish this family the choicest of blessings; if you would like to find out more about surrogacy, please email us at :

Thursday 10 April 2014

March Births - Congratulations to all our families...

The choicest of blessings for all the babies born in March...

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Tuesday 8 April 2014

From Brazil: Our Precious Boys

Completely in love with our two sons…

We have just returned home with our beloved baby boys, Eduardo and Rodrigo. They will grow knowing the beautiful story behind their birth, of which we are so proud. We have always had an amazing support from our dear family and friends, who now celebrate these two incredible blessings in our lives. 

It is hard to express in words how thankful we are to our beautiful and generous surrogate, whom we had the chance to thank in person and even to meet her husband and their adorable little daughter. She is forever in our prayers.

We would like to thank our wonderful Dr. Shivani and her amazing staff, who made all this possible through so much professionalism, as well as a comforting empathy throughout the process. 

Finally, we would also like to thank our IP (Intended Parents) friends who have come part of our lives. We have become a growing SCI family, and you mean so much to us. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

Lots of baby dust to those wishing for babies in their lifes!
Barbara and Claudio

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Sunday 6 April 2014

From Australia : twin boys and what joy!

Another family completed, two more little Aussies head home...

Dear Dr Shivani & all the staff at SCI Healthcare,

We would like to thank you all for all your help & support throughout our journey.

It has been a pleasure dealing with everyone at SCI Healthcare & an experience that we will never forget. 

Our beautiful boys are doing really well & we are very happy & proud parents..

We wish this family the choicest of blessings and it is wonderful when friends recommend us to friends and now they all have children.

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Thursday 3 April 2014

From Australia: an amazing wife and a beautiful baby girl...

A dream comes true for one Australian family, a message of joy from one Australian father to the world...

“I have to pinch myself constantly at the new life I have just been thrust into. Years of crushing disappointment and devastating losses had certainly taken its toll on me and made everyday life a certain struggle at the best of times.

A strong resolve, an amazing wife, (who has shown me a strength that I never thought could exist time and time again) and a hope that wouldn't fade, helped me get through the darkest days. 

But a little ray of sunshine, that started beaming approximately 9 months ago, started to light up the darkness. As days passed, darkness started to turn more to light, until on March 24 my little angel popped up on the other side of the world to change my life forever. 

Its all I could have ever wanted.

To a donor I will never meet, and a surrogate that I will forever be in debit to, THANK YOU! 

To Surrogacy Centre India, whose job is to help people desperate to fulfil their dreams, THANK YOU! 

All the people who have played a major and minor part in this epic saga, THANK YOU! 

And most of all to wife WE DID IT! The past will never be forgotten but the future now looks pink, thanks to MACKENZIE PEARL JONES.

We wish this family the choicest of blessings. If you would like to find out more about surrogacy in India, please email us at