Thursday, 3 April 2014

From Australia: an amazing wife and a beautiful baby girl...

A dream comes true for one Australian family, a message of joy from one Australian father to the world...

“I have to pinch myself constantly at the new life I have just been thrust into. Years of crushing disappointment and devastating losses had certainly taken its toll on me and made everyday life a certain struggle at the best of times.

A strong resolve, an amazing wife, (who has shown me a strength that I never thought could exist time and time again) and a hope that wouldn't fade, helped me get through the darkest days. 

But a little ray of sunshine, that started beaming approximately 9 months ago, started to light up the darkness. As days passed, darkness started to turn more to light, until on March 24 my little angel popped up on the other side of the world to change my life forever. 

Its all I could have ever wanted.

To a donor I will never meet, and a surrogate that I will forever be in debit to, THANK YOU! 

To Surrogacy Centre India, whose job is to help people desperate to fulfil their dreams, THANK YOU! 

All the people who have played a major and minor part in this epic saga, THANK YOU! 

And most of all to wife WE DID IT! The past will never be forgotten but the future now looks pink, thanks to MACKENZIE PEARL JONES.

We wish this family the choicest of blessings. If you would like to find out more about surrogacy in India, please email us at

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