Sunday, 27 April 2014

More support from SCI Families' and fantastic media coverage for INSTAR Surrogacy Walk and workshop

We are blessed to have so many SCI families willing to make statements  and videos supporting their surrogate and surrogacy in India to coincide with the INSTAR surrogacy walk and workshop. Here is yet another example...


Surrogacy provides a life-fulfilling opportunity to parents who are incapable of initiating their dream of building a family. Without surrogates, their understanding, willingness and dedication, countless desirous parents would be left without any hope. 

Our story demonstrates the degree of the blessing that surrogacy can provide: we have gone through about 20 IVF cycles over 5 years, had multiple miscarriages and had no family to show for our commitment. We wanted so much to have a family, and the failures were depressing. 

When we found out about Indian surrogacy, a light came into our life. We travelled to India, met the clinic and questioned their processes, procedures and the level of commitment to surrogate care. We witnessed a system that worked, it satisfied us that the needs of surrogates, their families and ambitions were being delivered. The quality of care that we saw convinced us to use our chosen surrogacy centre with confidence and faith.

During our cycles, SCI was clear on their commitment to the health and well-being of our surrogate. We were comfortable in the knowledge that they were getting excellent care from the high quality Indian doctors and nurses. 

As a couple, we travelled the world and enjoyed other blessings in our life. However, nothing whatsoever matched the joy of  having our babies. Our young men are with us today THANKS to Indian surrogacy.
Please do not stop the good deed Indian surrogates, doctors and nurses are doing.

M&S Australia

Many of our surrogates participated in the surrogacy walk with the SCI team and we are very pleased with the media coverage, some of which can be seen below:

For more information of INSTAR and its valuable work, please click here : &

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