Wednesday 31 December 2014

From the Philippines: a much longed for baby...

After four years of trying...

"Over 4 years of trying to have a child, we've had 5 heartbreaking miscarriages. We have spent a lot of time and money on all kinds of treatment from the best doctors in the country and for a time out of desperation, even tried alternative medical treatments...nothing. 

We still lost the succeeding pregnancies. 

We had spent almost 2 years researching surrogacy as an option. We had thought briefly of adopting but we were adamant that our child be genetically ours so we zoned on on looking at gestational surrogacy further. There were a couple of countries we looked at and decided on India. Now we researched the best clinic for us and after very extensive research, we felt Dr.Shivani and SCI was the clinic that will help make our dream come true...and did. 

It was a very nerve-wracking 9 months with our surrogate having to be hospitalized for almost 2 months but all throughout, the SCI team were always there. Updates were timely and we were always updated. A very professional organization, caring for their surrogates and you really felt that they were doing their best to help and ensure a successful outcome.

I cannot thank Dr.Shivani and her entire team at SCI enough. You facilitated making our dream come true and we are now a family. Thank you and more success to SCI."

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Monday 22 December 2014

SCI sends our best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a happy and miraculous New Year.

SCI sends our best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a happy and miraculous  New Year.

Our thoughts are especially with those families who are celebrating their 

first holidays with their babies,you all remain in our thoughts,

Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays


Friday 19 December 2014

From Australia: Twin girls, and support throughout their journey...

A story from a family who never gave up on their dream...

Dear SCI
We are now the proudest parents of Ella and Abbey, they are the most gorgeous little girls on this Earth and it is the greatest gift we have ever been given to now have them in our arms. Words cannot really express what our daughters mean to us, but maybe a few well chosen words of thanks might go someway and provide confidence to others to never give up on their dream, for without a dream their is no meaning to life.

The team at SCI over the last two years has worked tirelessly to help us achieve this dream, it has been a pleasure to work with their staff who have supported us at every moment. 

We did not choose SCI easily, we researched and attended conferences on surrogacy, we spoke with many medical professionals both clinically and ethically and we made the most informed choice that directed us to go with SCI. Meeting Dr Shivani was one of the greatest moments we have experienced along this journey and that occurred over two years ago and stays fresh in our memories, my wife found her to be a very sensitive and compassionate doctor, I found her to be a highly professional and ethical doctor who was well qualified and experienced in her field.  I remember Dr Shivani and my wife hugging each other after their first conversation together, from that moment on we placed total trust in her and her team and from that moment on Dr Shivani never gave up on us fulfilling our dream. 

Dr Shivani was always available to us and her team were always prompt in their contact with us also, this made the journey easier.

Although we had many attempts and for certain medical reasons were unsuccessful it was all worth it in the end and we highly recommend others placing their trust in SCI. We have not had one bad experience with SCI and trust me we have asked the hardest questions.

We would also like to mention our surrogate to whom we will also be eternally thankful, to give us this gift of carrying our children is beyond our comprehension, we have had the opportunity to meet her in Delhi after the birth of our girls and I don't think their is another time in our life's that we both felt so inept to say thank you  to someone who has given us so much. 

The reality is that because our beautiful surrogate has carried our children and brought these two beautiful souls in the world  for us she has also given us the greatest meaning to our lives and fulfilled a life long dream of having children, many people take having children for granted but for people like myself and my wife this has never been the case.

In closing we thank Dr Shivani, our beautiful  surrogate and the SCI team beyond what any words can really express, God Bless You All, 
You will always be in our thoughts 
David and Maria, Ella and Abbey ( A proud and thankful Family)

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Sunday 14 December 2014

From Brazil: Gorgeous twins for a gorgeous family...

I am so pleased to announce the safe arrival of Carla and Gustavo's twins. I had the privilege of spending time with this lovely family and using my poor Portuguese to translate their message of care and love when they met their surrogate. 

"Dear Dra.Shivani  and all SCI team, 

we would like to thank God, Dra.Shivani, your team and your loved surrogacy, for making possible the realization of our dream. Although it was a very long way, never lose hope since we had full confidence in the SCI. We create a relationship of complicity because we knew the commitment that dra.Shivani had with our case. Thank you for never giving up on us. We always gratitude to everyone involved in this process and a definitive link with this amazing country that is India that brought us Miguel and Isabela. 

Carla and Gustavo.

 PS: We are open to, in whatever form, help other Brazilian couple, who speak English or not (as in our case) to also realize their dream."
"Querida Dra.Shivani e toda equipe SCI, 

 gostariamos de agradecer a Deus, Dra.Shivani, sua equipe e a querida barriga de aluguel, por tornar possivel a realizacao do nosso sonho. Apesar de ter sido um caminho muito longo, nunca perdemos a esperança uma vez que tínhamos total confiança na SCI. Criamos uma relação de cumplicidade pois sabíamos do empenho que a dra.Shivani tinha com o nosso caso. Obrigado por nunca desistir de nós. Teremos sempre gratidão a todas as pessoas envolvidas nesse processo e uma ligação definitiva com esse incrível país que é a India que nos trouxe Miguel e Isabela.

 Carla e Gustavo. 

PS: Estamos a disposição para, de qualquer que seja a forma, ajudar a outros casais brasileiros, que falem ou não inglês (como é o nosso caso) a também realizarem o seu sonho."

Wednesday 3 December 2014

November Births

We wish all our families the choicest of blessings...

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Wednesday 26 November 2014

With great delight we are happy to announce the birth of Aimee and Ralph's gorgeous baby boy

Dr. Shivani and the SCI Team,
We recently came home with our miracle, Ashton James, and we are so happy to have been blessed with our angel. Your hard work and dedication is evidenced in this little guy and we thank you for all you have done to make this possible. We appreciate your kindness and professionalism and please know that we will always consider you family. It is sometimes unbelievable that this dream has come true. It must be an amazing feeling to create such miracles. 
We wish you all the choicest of blessings!
Ralph and Aimee Tackett  
P.S.-We will see you all in a year or two for our sibling project!

We wish this family the most joyous of blessings.

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Dr.Shivani Sachdev Gour, Feedback, reviews, bad reviews, bad feedback, Margarida, Surrogacy

Dr.Shivani Sachdev Gour, Feedback, reviews, bad reviews, bad feedback, Margarida, Surrogacy

Tuesday 18 November 2014

From Brazil: a beautiful bundle of girls

Another family completed and thanking India for their family

"Dear all SCI Team
We would like to thank you all SCI team make our dream came true,
When we start this process we were really scared how we would about all details All process happened as were predicted with an unbelivable time period
We receive this great blessing from GOD.

We love not just the clinic and all process but also India and their population always friendly and ready to help, yes, we received another gift as coincidence date to "Diwali Party" that is a wonderful time to be in India!

We would like to encourage everyone in Brazil or other country to running into their dreams, this is possible, a reality, and be sure that Dr Shivani and their team are ready to help!!

Thank you again to improve our life quality and bring Marcela and Fernanda to life,

Marcelo & Helen, Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil!"

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Monday 10 November 2014

From the UK: Twins!

Another family completed, this time from the U.K...

Dear Dr Shivani and all at SCI

Hoping all is well with everyone

We would like to thank you all For the joy and happiness that you have brought into our lives

Sienna and Isabella are very precious to us, & without you all & the Clinic this would never have been possible

You have made our dreams come true & they have definitely been worth the wait

Everyday with them is like a new adventure & we learn something new with them everyday

 We would definitely recommend SCI to anyone thinking or having to undergo surrogacy, as every individual member of the team have been professional and caring from start to finish

Thanking you all once again for our beautiful bundles of joy :-). Words can never truly express how happy and delighted we are

Best wishes
Nivedita & Raj

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Wednesday 5 November 2014

From the U.S.A: Stars of India - a sibling project

There is nothing that expresses trust in a service more than coming back for a precious sibling project

Dear Dr Shivani,

Mere words cannot express the gratitude we feel for the family you have given
us. “Blessed” doesn't even begin to describe how we feel to have been given first Lex, and now Win. Lex is a truly exceptional child and we know Win will give us just as much joy. 

Lex and Win are truly “Stars of India”. Please accept this ring made of the star of India Stone as reminders of the Stars of India you gave to us.

You can read about Lex here:
Dr.Shivani Sachdev Gour + Feedback, negative reviews, negative feedback,Dr.Shivani Sachdev Gour + Feedback, negative reviews, negative feedback,
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Friday 31 October 2014

From Argentina: A big thank you from "a full family".

Dear Dr. Shivani, SCI Team,

Eden Hospital’s NICU staff and mainly Our “Angel” Surrogate Mother:

Never is too late to THANK YOU for making us parents after a long and difficult path, here we are to express A BIG THANK YOU to a BIG Team, that is behind this happy ending story, a team led by Dr Shivani:

-SCI staff (Admin  & Nurses) and the whole team who is involved in the process who showed at all times so much professionalism. During the pregnancy, the way they kept us updated, and every single email was replied when we had any inquiry, everything was straight forward …they showed at all times comforting empathy throughout the process.

It is worth mentioning that behind this great and well organized team there is a supportive leader who knows exactly what and how to meet our expectations, without her experience and professionalism this train called SCI would not move forward…she is the one who pulls this big train: Dr Shivani – THANK YOU for trusting in us, for being honest and straight forward on our first visit but mainly thanks for accepting our decision and to respect it.

After birth, the NICU staff at Eden Hospital showed the best professionalism and it is incredible how careful they are with the babies taking all the necessary precautions.

Once on the “real role play of being parents”: A special thanks to Mrs. Mariamma and her team of nurses  for assisting us in our first few weeks as parents, giving us tips and reassuring us when we did not know exactly what to do, helping us to sleep…during the nights…giving us the confidence to do it on our own.

Last but not the least…the main Protagonist of this story…”Our Angel” Now that we hold our babies it is hard to express in words how thankful we are to our angel, as we call our SM.

From the first time we knew these two little persons were growing in her belly, she became part of your day-to-day thoughts and prayers. She is the most beautiful and generous person, meeting her after the birth of the babies gave us peace to our souls to be able to thank her in person for letting us be parents … though the language was a barrier but I could confirmed there that words sometimes are not needed…the message was clear…she understood what our hugs and smiles towards her and our eyes full of tears meant…and even though time pass by I still remember the precise moment that …me and her together…I was holding my babies that she carried for me for 9 months…We are full family and we owe it to her…

Finally, we would also like to thank other IP (Intended Parents) who have come part of our lives while expecting some of them through the forum, which was our way to share with them because we were all on the same boat, and also other IP from our country who helped us in shortening the process.

We feel so lucky and overwhelmed to finally have our babies at home… and we wish everyone success on their journey.

For those who are considering Surrogacy let me tell you… the first step is always the most difficult one… but is possible….and most difficult is to believe that this time is YOUR time and that finally it will happen…but for once, you have to believe it, it is just a matter of, for once, believing that things finally can also happen to YOU as well…and soon a baby will be giggling in your home…

With kind regards and for ever thankful,

A full family from Argentina.

Tuesday 21 October 2014

From Brazil:Thankful feelings to India for our beloved daughters

What a loving tribute to India, forever in these parents hearts,

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews from Brazil

Dr. Shivani,

We are renewing our thankful feelings towards you and your team for making our dream come true. 

Our daughters, Manu e Maitê, have just completed 04 months old, and we did a celebration with Indian decoration, foods and clothes as a homage to you, you can find it at the pictures. 

We want to return to your clinic to continue our project of having more children.

We will be eternally very grateful to you. 

Thank you.

T and R

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour wishes from Brazil

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews from Brazil

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surrogacy, surrogacy in India, surrogacy in Nepal, Margarida, "Dr.Shivani negative reviews"

Sunday 19 October 2014

From Australia: blessed and happy with our twins

Beautiful babies for a beautiful couple, congratulations to all,

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews from Australia

Samantha and Christopher arrived safely  at 37 weeks.
After 3 weeks in Delhi we have been home just over a week.
We feel so blessed and happy.
We are so thankful to our wonderful surrogate and egg donor, Dr Shivani and her team, Dr Anuj and all the doctors and nurses at Eden hospital ,Poonam and her team, Rahul and his team of drivers, Margarida and John, and all the staff at the Svelte.
They are such beautiful babies, thank you to everyone who helped us on this wonderful journey.
Ian and Janelle

Margarida, Surrogacy,

Wednesday 15 October 2014

From Chile : much loved and wanted twin boys

We are privileged to be assisting families from across the globe, this time from South America

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews from Chile
Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews from Chile

At the end of a long road, 

our fates are crossed with 

Dr. Shivani and her amazing team 
They accomplished what many could not, and transform us into a family 
They reminded us that miracles happen and we could regain faith in medical science 

Eternally grateful 

A Chilean family 

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Sunday 12 October 2014

From the U.S : twins making dreams come true

Another family completed, this time from Washington

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews
We had been trying to have children for 8 years when we discovered SCI on the Internet, looking for another option that would make us parents.  We talked with Dr. Shivani and her staff remotely before deciding that surrogacy through SCI was the right path for us.   
Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews

When we went to India for the beginning of the process, we were very impressed with the SCI facilities we saw.  We met Dr. Shivani and her staff, who made us feel welcome and confident that the journey we were embarking upon would be successful, and it was.  Our surrogate become pregnant with twins on the first try! Our little boy and girl were born in India eight months later.  Now we have them at home and they are five months old.  They are growing quickly, laughing and interacting with us every day.  We are so happy to have our babies!  We wish we had known about Dr. Shivani earlier, but we’re so happy to have found her.

Do not give up. SCI can make your dreams come true.  We are so thankful and happy!  Thank you to everyone at SCI.

Warm regards, E and S, Washington DC, USA

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Monday 29 September 2014

From the UK: a long held dream fulfilled...

Much awaited twins for a UK family...

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews from UK

'Thank you Dr Shivani and your fabulous team for helping us finally achieve our long held dream of having a family. 

We cannot express in words how thrilled and happy we are now and we are forever grateful to our lovely surrogate who has done so much.  

We will always be humbled and grateful for our children and for all the help and support and most of all positivity from the whole SCI team,

With much love from the UK '

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Sunday 21 September 2014

From Canada (via South Africa): a baby girl

After many years, such joy...

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews from Canada

A 15-year roller coaster of hopes, wishes, treatments, disappointments, pain and dashed expectations – all were frozen in time on September 8, 2014, at the moment we first laid eyes on Holly Louise, our perfect, miracle baby girl.  We are truly in awe of the tiny person who has blessed our lives and the lives of all around us. 

We are humbled by the pure kindness and sacrifice of our dear surrogate SD and to the full SCI team, who patiently and quickly answered repeated questions at all hours over the past year – and we are indebted to Dr. Shivani – a doctor from a far away place who has done what many others tried - and who has made our dreams come true, giving us a beautiful child with a unique story to tell.

Never enough thank yous,

Tanya-Lisa, Garreth and Holly
Canada (via South Africa)

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Monday 15 September 2014

From Ireland: a pigeon pair and family completed

Another delighted family, this time from Ireland...

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews from Ireland

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews from Ireland

We heard of SCI from a friend who's family had been  completed by Dr. Shivani, and her team and her team and after meeting Dr.Shivani,  we knew it was possible and here we are now at home in Ireland with our beautiful boy and girl. 

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews from Ireland

We are grateful each day for both Scott and Chloe and would say to anyone who is thinking a family is not possible it is. SCI make dreams happen.

Kind Regards,

Susan Dillon

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Thursday 11 September 2014

From Australia: two beautiful princesses ...

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews from Australia
 Much loved and wanted children ....
Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews from Australia

10 weeks ago and now... they grow quickly

an enormous thankyou for sticking by us over the past few years and for delivering to us, Jemimah and Audrey, are prized possessions.
As you will recall, there were times along the way we seriously questioned whether fate had chosen for us a future without children. This of course was not acceptable to Dr Shavani. It was therefore your relentless faith, positive reinforcement and generosity we hung in there and are now blessed our two adorable (slightly biased!).
We have heard experiences of other couples accessing surrogacy in India, Thailand and the USA and are so grateful in our decision to choose and remain with SCI Healthcare. None of these couples had anywhere close to the direct relationship with their doctor(s) which we enjoyed with Dr Shavani or a standby support team in the wings. In this regard, we would specifically like to highlight and thank Jyoti, Nabanita and Lalit – we are still amazed with how promptly and compressively they were always able to respond of our endless questions.

And of course shone of this would have occurred without our wonderful surrogate, Namita to whom Audrey's shares her middle name. We look forward to staying in touch with Namita, through SCI.
We have now been back in Australia almost 2 1/2 months and we are absolutely cherishing every day with our beautiful daughters and can't imagine our lives without them. 

Very kind regard’s
Joe and Craig

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Friday 29 August 2014

FROM USA WITH GRATITUDE: Twin boys and a family completed

Another family completed...

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews from USA

Thank you very much to the whole team at SCI.

It's been a wonderful experience up to now and thank you for the kind words and wishes. A true dream come true for both of us and something we will always look back on as part of our wonderful experience in India.

God bless,

We wish this family the choicest of blessings. If you would like further information about surrogacy in India, please email us at:

Monday 25 August 2014

From Australia: a POSITIVE story from WA

It is lovely to have families think about others

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews from Australia

With all of the negative Surrogacy press here in Australia and particularly Western Australia I thought that I would send you a note to thank everyone at SCI for a thoroughly honest, professional service. 

Without you, our darling 18mth princess would not be the joy to her older brother or the light and centre of our universe. We have to stop and pinch ourselves and remind ourselves of how lucky WE are to have used SCI and to have her in our life,

P & L

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Wednesday 20 August 2014

From Australia: gorgeous twin girls

More good news from Australia

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews from Australia

From Australia:

I hope everyone if well at SCI.   I have attached some pics of our twin girls. Can you please pass these onto the surrogate mother. The girls are doing really well and bring us great joy every day. 

They're both very happy girls and full of smiles (most of the time :)) Our surrogate mother is welcome to contact us any time she would like to inquire about the girls.


D & A 

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews from Australia

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Wednesday 13 August 2014

From the UK: Generations of family rejoice after 11 years of waiting...

Their words say enough...

Dear Dr Shivani and Team,
First and foremost, thank-you so much for making our dreams come true – our boy and girl, born in April, through the help and support from SCI.

Just like a lot of couples, we had a long journey and an 11 year wait to get to this stage.  We approached many clinics in the UK and across the globe and unfortunately faced one disappointment after another, with failed IVF cycles. 
Approaching SCI was our final call and when our first cycle failed, we were devastated.  However, the professionalism shown by you, Dr Shivani, and your team convinced us to try again, with the result being our precious twins.

Thank-you once again, for all that you’ve done to make this possible.  A big thank-you also to our beautiful surrogate.  SCI is a quality clinic and the support provided to us both during the pregnancy and to this day, whilst we’re here in India waiting for passports for our babies, has been superb!

Whilst we’ve been over the moon with our precious twins, our whole family has been overjoyed.  

Here are a few words from the grandparents, who haven’t stopped smiling:

From Dadi and Dada,
Dr Shivani – thank-you for giving us hope through our new grandchildren to continue to fight our illnesses and face another day.  We’re so grateful to have this new light in our lives.  Thank-you so much!

From Nani and Nana,
Words cannot express how much these grandchildren mean to us.  We have longed to see them for 11 years!  Thank-you Dr Shivani for making this possible and bringing so much happiness into our lives. 

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