Saturday, 27 July 2013

From Australia : Twins to two joyous Dads

A pigeon pair returned safely home to their family and friends, just in time for their first photo shoot...

To SCI Healthcare and dr. Shivani,

                                                  It only seems like yesterday that we were on a plane Delhi bound to start the journey of becoming a family.
After meeting Dr. Shivani and her team it was an easy decision to go ahead and start the process. On the 27th of June 2013, we were blessed with the arrival of our beautiful twins, otto and Leni.
We could never thank Dr. Shivani and her lovely team enough for this wonderful gift of life, the process was made easy with the admin staff and there very prompt replies to all our emails.
The gift of life must truly be the ultimate gift, and that is what Dr. Shivani and her team do.

We will never forget you all!

Jay, Jeremy, Leni and Otto xxxxxxx
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