Tuesday, 10 January 2012

From Australia: a story of hope

Words are enough:

Dearest Dr Shivani,

So many words of gratitude and praise come to you from around the globe. Anything that we could possibly say to thank you and all your wonderful people has already been said by many others, many times.

All our stories are similar. Like everyone, we tried everything and failed. Not even one of the pioneers of IVF could give us any options. Then, in a small corner of an ancient land we found a ray of hope.

You know that we will always be thankful and that you will be in our hearts forever. Beyond the words of thanks we would like the world to know what it really is that you have made possible – what it is that so many people thank you for.

For any parent the feeling of seeing your new born child for the first time is special and irreplaceable. But if you have known the anguish of years of failure, of having been told that a family is something you will never have, those feelings are so much more precious and powerful.

That is what we will always be grateful for – that flood of feelings and sensations that you have made possible.

Life is but a dream
A shadow of the great beyond
When you first see your child
You know that life can now go on

Our lives are but an instant
Time is but a notion
A grain of sand in the desert
A drop of water in the ocean

In the bright face of a new born child
We glimpse the immortality we seek
Everything is suddenly possible
Your life is at a peak

You feel that your brain
…is about to explode
You are so full of strength
You can bear any load

You can cry a river and not feel ashamed
You can walk through a wall and not feel pain
You can take on the world …. and win!
Your head is in a spin.

After all the struggle
After all the pain
The greatest gift of all
Life is forever changed

Little hands
Little feet
A toothless mouth
That only wants to eat!

You forget the tears
You forget the doubts
You forget the failures
You just want to shout

For a brief moment in time
You see the face of your god
Life has a meaning after all…

…as you gaze on the peaceful face of the sleeping child

For anybody who is hesitating to take that first step with your clinic because of past disappointments, we would ask them to consider only one thing:

There is nothing else you could possibly do in your life that will compare!!

With all our love,

Two eternally grateful parents

(PS. Once we get over the shock of finally becoming parents we are likely to be back for a sibling.)

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