Friday, 6 June 2014

Meeting Kai's surrogate and trying again...

Thank you to Rebecca and her surrogate for agreeing to share their story...

I have just returned from India and got to meet up with Kai's surrogate and have a wonderful chat with lots of laughter and I found out soooo much more about her and her life. She has agreed to try again for a sibling for Kai and I kept asking are you sure you want to do this?? She kept laughing saying I’m really sure it was a great experience last time and I do want to try again.

I showed her videos and pics of Kai and she loved seeing them. I asked her if she felt sad at times not having a baby after being pregnant and she was like no way!! I have a 13 year old daughter and she is very difficult at the moment and a younger son. Life is busy enough!

I asked her if she wanted a copy of the photo of all of us after Kai was born and she said she already has it and she made it very big and it is framed and on her wall at home. She said she doesn't like the pic of her (as she says she looks pale) but she wanted to have it so everyone could see it. This really threw me....I told her how some people think we are exploiting women in India and she said no no no I wanted to do it and I want to do it again, I think for myself. She said all her friends and relatives know and they think it is wonderful....what a surprise and a relief.

Many other topics were talked about and I was just buzzing when we finally said our goodbyes and hugged again and again!

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  1. I have this photo on my phone and Kai points to his surrogate when I say her name!