Monday 26 May 2014

Dr.Shivani 'rocks' the Melbourne 'families through surrogacy' conference and celebrates with our Australian SCI Family part one

Dr. Shivani arrived in Melbourne and was greeted by SCI families at the conference and at the SCI Dinner...

Some people made their own i belong to SCI family badges

People posed with banners or identified their baby on fb

while Dr. Shivani did one of the things she does best, promoting surrogacy, Surrogate care and her SCI Family

But the event we were looking forward to the most, the now Annual SCI family Dinner,with short notice, over 50 people and a hoard of children with old and new SCI families, the evening. which is best reflected through parents quotes and photos:

 "It was an amazing night. An atmosphere of love and overwhelming joy. It was a real pleasure to meet the many people who we have been chatting to in online forums for years. Its an honour to be a part of it all. God bless you all."

David had a fantastic night. It's 2am and he's still talking about it. He thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with lots of families and of course, catching up with Dr Shivani

it was lovely to read the thoughts of those that could not be there, especially for those just had babies or  who are expecting very soon...

Sounds like it was great fun and I'm sorry we missed it. But our two bubbas are a little young yet to be travelling so far. Maybe next time...

Sounds like you all had a great night wish we could have joined you all but with 3wks and 5 days to go (who's counting) we are madly trying to get ourselves ready for the big call!! Some photos would be good if you have any

a very special thank you to Mel who helped organised the dinner, we very much look forward to seeing everyone next year

We wll leave you with one ambitious request " So great to see you and so many other friends!!!! I think the next dinner should be in Hawaii so ips from the states can come too!! That would be so much fun!!

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  1. Was so great to catch up with our SCI family and the wonderful Margarida and Dr Shivani xx