Friday, 23 May 2014

From Canada: two proud parents with two precious boys

Another family completed with proud parents from Canada and two gorgeous chaps...

Dear Dr. Shivani and SCI team,

We can’t thank Dr. Shivani and the SCI team enough for our two precious boys.   They are evidence that miracles do happen. 

Surrogacy is not an easy decision to make, especially when everything is going to happen on the other side of the world.  Every family that goes down this path has their own difficult story that lead them to this path and it is a daunting decision to try something different knowing that more disappointment could be on the way.  We were very sceptical to start but found SCI to be very professional from the very beginning.  We can’t thank Margarida enough for always answering all of our questions during the early days and we can’t thank the entire SCI team enough for their professional behaviour.  Communication was very important for us and we were very impressed that we would always receive our updates on schedule and every email that we sent would be answered within 24 hours. 

There is nothing we can do or say to thank Dr. Shivani enough for helping us start and complete our family.  She will always have a special place in our hearts!

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Thank you once again,

Proud parents from Canada

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