Monday, 16 June 2014

From Canada: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

It is always wonderful when a family finally succeeds, more so, after 10 years of failed fertility treatment in their home country. What wonderful joy, a boy and a new Canadian...

  There is no way to say thank you enough to everyone at SCI and we cannot even begin to express how grateful we are to our beautiful surrogate mother. After nearly ten years of trying and multiple IVF attempts back home in Canada, you have given us the greatest gift we could have ever hoped for - a beautiful baby boy! The joy that that you have brought to this new family is immeasurable. The best decision we ever made was to choose Dr. Shivani and her team at SCI. 

  The day that we received word that we were pregnant was really beyond words. Throughout the entire pregnancy we felt that we had the undivided attention of the support staff at all times, answering any questions promptly and letting us know that our surrogate and baby were under the best of care. The support continued as we arrived in India and were helped with finding a taxi service, a nursing agency and even someone to help us with all the paperwork involved in the complicated exit process. 

  Being new parents in a foreign country was definitely not without surprises, stresses and challenges but we will always look back and smile at these weeks when our family was brand new.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts - all three !

Angie, Scott and Baby Erik

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