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From Australia:a little princess,much loved and adored

After years of failed infertility treatment, success and a beautiful baby girl...

Having just celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary, our very long journey began eight years ago.   With repeat miscarriages and failed IVF attempts, we refused to give up on our dream of becoming parents.  We investigated many avenues and we decided that surrogacy was our best option and that SCI was our first preference.  For us spiritually it felt right to choose an Indian surrogate. 

SCI also provided egg donor profiles and happy with this we chose a donor whose profile suited us.  We were all set to go pretty much straight away when our donor was delayed due to her study commitments.  Happy to wait for her and not opt for another donor, Maurice travelled to India in early May 2013.  The hospitality of the Indian people, SCI’s world class staff and facilities, the brilliant Dr Shivani and the wonderful driver Rahul and his team organised by SCI,  left a very positive and lasting impression on Maurice.  This week would not only be life changing for Maurice, it would be life creating for us as a family. 

Almost one year later, we were set to fly out to New Delhi on the 30th of April in anticipation of our baby’s expected arrival on the 9thof May.  Our first round of embryo transfers with two surrogates failed and this second time due to the ever changing laws, Dipkami was our sole surrogate.    Dipkami was now pregnant with our baby and we were thrilled to be on our way to meet them both!  

However, this was to be sooner than we expected as on the 17th of April we received an email that due to concerns with the baby having a double nuchal chord, our baby daughter had been delivered!  That was Good Friday, we were on a plane Easter Monday!  Our beautiful, healthy Quintessa Grace was born a day short of 37 weeks.  Quintessa was quite jaundiced and as a result stayed in hospital under photo therapy lights until it started to clear.  Quite symbolically for us as Australians, Quintessa came home to the hotel with us on Anzac Day April the 25th.  The care she received from the doctors and nurses at Eden hospital was not only world class but was combined with the wisdom and nurturing of the Indian culture and spirituality.

We were very happy and relieved that our wonderful surrogate Dipkami was recovering well and were thrilled to meet both she and her husband.  We gave them gifts to thank them and in the absence of a common language,  our display of emotions being universal were felt and understood.  That said no words would ever convey our sheer gratitude to Dipkami and absolute joy that she was healthy and well.  Dr Shivani was also there to congratulate us and it was wonderful to thank her and recognise her for all her hard work.

Also through SCI we engaged the services of Poonam Jain of Prime Air Global Ltd, who organised our documents for FRRO ensuring a swift turnaround with our visas.  Our dealings with FRRO, The Australian High Commission and Australian Passports Office were all pleasant and easy. 

From the time we arrived in New Delhi to the day we departed (a little over three weeks), we felt genuine support and care from by the SCI Team.  There was never a moment that we felt alone or that we could not call them for assistance or advice.  As first time parents in a foreign country, the importance of this cannot be emphasised enough.

We have been home now for a little over six weeks and have settled into our daily life.  Quintessa is developing as we would hope, with her weight and growth going forward in leaps and bounds.  Her feeding and sleeping routines are like clockwork, we feel truly blessed as so far she is a healthy, easy baby.  Quintessa is now smiling and cooing, she is an absolute delight and we are completely smitten!  Our families cannot get enough of their little princess and she is very loved and adored.

Thanks to SCI our dream of having a family has been realised and we hope to return to India in the near future so that Quintessa can see the magical land in which she was born.

Yours Sincerely and Forever Grateful,

Maurice, Angelique and Quintessa

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