Thursday, 13 February 2014

Our surrogates: There is no elevator to success -one has to take the stairs

 Another story about a women who took control of her life and made some informed decisions...

We are feeling very proud being able to share Anjali's story

Anjali has changed her husband and children’s life after surrogacy and is very proud to be able to have done so. Before surrogacy, Anjali's children were not going to school. Now Anjali's 6 years old daughter and 4 years old son go to school!

 Anjali’s husband was working as a bus conductor; with poor opportunity for advancement and the added burden that her husband was only working person in the family. Through some of the compensation received through doing surrogacy, Anjali was able to buy a second hand car for her husband so that he can work independently.

Anjali decided to help another family with a selfless gift that no amount of compensation can ever make up for. This mindful women made a decision that changed the lives of both her family and that of a family across the globe. Anjali's children are attending school; her husband self employed and Anjali will be part of an amazing birth story, honoured forever in it's retelling.

Anjali and her family are very proud of her decision to become a surrogate.
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