Sunday 9 February 2014

From Australia: a gorgeous baby girl...

We are always delighted when families take time out to write an update for us and reflect honestly on their journey with SCI...

Our beautiful daughter was born 3 weeks early and It took quite a few weeks for the bond between us to form as might be expected, though I struggled with that fact.

In Delhi after the birth is where I think support could do with some improvement. We had this baby but no real support and it was frightening.  There is much emphases on the actual conception and birth but none for post natal care. Thank the stars for the Nurses recommended by SCI as they were priceless. They are experienced and calmly deal with the stressed out anxious new parents. The older nurse we first had gave us a list of what she required to do her job and many hints and tips for the baby.  

The area around SCI is very well equipped for all the baby needs. The taxi drivers recommended know where all the locations are that we need for legal matters so it eases the pressure.

We could not take Alexa out with us to do our daily chores and legal paperwork as it was over 40 degrees C every day and not much relief at night. Here is where a lady called Poonam Jain was a Godsend . This lady has a once off fee for dealing with obtaining citizenship and getting the all important passport for the baby. Her staff come to your accommodation with all the paperwork to sign, photographer etc. 

The only legals we had to do was go and collect the passport and go to the FRO (Foreign Relations Office) to get the exit visa from India. The FRO is a scary place but even her Poonam gave clear instructions and I followed them to the end and had NO trouble here. In fact I was even offered coffee by the intimidating senior inspector which I consider a coup.

We cannot thank Dr Shivani and the team enough for their help and support during that journey.

And lastly  one could ask … would I do it now that I have been through it?  Yes in a heartbeat. Every time I look at my beautiful smiley happy girl, I thank the surrogate mother  too who gave up nine months to make it possible,


Isabelle, Richard and Alexa

We wish this family the choicest of blessing and thank them for thinking of us.

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