Friday 28 February 2014

From Australia: Making a family dream come true

A happy ending...

Since 2008 I made the decision to turn to surrogacy for the creation of my family.

After a miscarriage through another agency, I turned to SCI. Whilst more heartache and sorrow followed, SCI and Dr Shivani in particular, strongly indicated that my chances for success was high and not to give up hope.

Going above and beyond what a regular clinic would provide, SCI used all available means which resulted in a positive pregnancy result.

What was even more comforting was that FCI ensured my surrogate was well looked after throughout the pregnancy and monitored carefully so the risk of medical issues was minimised.

Without Dr Shivani who is an angel, SCI, Jyoti, Nabanita, Lalit, Margarida and anyone i may have missed, you have blessed me with a healthy beautiful son.

SCI is the only clinic that makes a family dream come true,


Gary and ( baby) Max,


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