Saturday 1 February 2014

Our Surrogates : What are they doing now?

Through surrogacy, there are many Indian families who are able to make their own children's future brighter.

In future blog posts we will begin to share the stories of women who are proud to have been surrogates, who are caring enough to wish that others have the joy of having children and who make informed decisions on how best to change the circumstances of their own family.

Here is one such family:

This is Chanda, one of SCI's surrogates who was able to help two families through surrogacy. 

Chandra has an 8 year old daughter. Chanda was unable to afford her daughter's school expenses, so her daughter was helping her father at his shop. 

After surrogacy Chanda used her money for her daughter’s education and also bought a new shop next door to their old one to expand the family business so they have a new source of income. 

Today, her daughter goes to school and in the evening she also helps her father at the shop while Chanda manages the house. 

Chanda helped two other families to make their dream come true – they had a babies and Chanda’s own dream came true too, to educate her daughter.

Chanda's story is not unique; there are many other surrogates who made their life better through surrogacy and we hope to share their stories. 

They are proud having been surrogate mothers

older, smaller shop
new extension of shop

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