Saturday, 12 January 2013

From Australia: a boy

Another family, another rocky road of infertility to travel, with the most welcoming of outcomes...

Dear Dr Shivani, Meg, Margarita and the Staff at SCI,
The birth of our lovely boy Taj, on 10th November has been a miracle and a dream we never want to wake from.

 Our path has been a very rocky road like many other clients of SCI. We have participated in another surrogacy program in past years but was unsuccessful.     The addition of Taj has had an enormous effect on our family and friends. Everyone who holds him loves him dearly.

The team at SCI go about their business in a professional manner. Waiting for the monthly scans and reports was made easier by the regular updates we received.

Thankyou to everyone at SCI for bringing us a future. We have felt our lives have been 'on hold' for many years until now.

We would like to express our gratitude also to the Indian Government & Authorities for allowing this to occur.
Greg, Lyn & Taj - Australia

We wish this family the choicest of blessing and wish them many years of love, laughter and happiness.
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  1. Congrats Greg and Lyn on the arrival of Taj. Perseverance certainly pays off!

    (mum to Alex and Taj - 3.5 years)