Wednesday, 30 April 2014

From Spain: another message of support for the " Surrogacy builds Families" campaign...

We are forever thankful for the continued messages of support coming from families around the world, here is another heartfelt message

Dear SCI team,

We want to let you know once again our gratitude for all that we have achieved a real family.
It's been a year since the birth of our twins, and we are extremely happy with them. They are adorable.

Sometimes we remember with great emotion and affection of the moments in India, especially the meeting we had with our surrogate. 

It was very exciting, just a glance told us everything, and we did not speak the same language. We will be forever grateful for giving 
us the greatest of our lives.

  We hope that many more families can achieve their dream in future and your team continue to make dreams a reality.

Best Wishes

Jorge, Raquel; Diego y Nicolás

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