Thursday, 30 May 2013

From the USA: A Big Thank You

Another family returns home, babies well loved by their parents, grandparents, family, and friends


Dear Dr Shivani and SCI team
We are very grateful for your help in making our family a reality.
We appreciate the excellent SCI staff (Meg, Margarida, Neha, Yogita, Jyoti, Lalit, Rachna, and Nabanita) who were there for us when we needed their assistance. Thank you as well for arranging the meeting with our dear surrogate (SS) last week. We were quite happy to see her in person to thank her for what she did for us.
The twins are doing well and gaining weight as expected. They are enjoying their time interacting with their grandparents, family, and friends. We will come back to India someday so that the twins experience part of their heritage, and hopefully meet the special people that helped bring them into this world.
With Love
M, S, T & S

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