Monday, 27 May 2013

From Australia : a pigeon pair and a father's delight!

A family completed, a fathers delight...

Dear Dr Shivani,

I can not thank you and your team enough for everything you have done.

Charlie and April are now 3 months old and deliver so much joy to myself and everyone in my family.

I always dreamed of having a family, and while considering surrogacy in India since 2006; there was a huge mix of emotions, being overwhelmed, scared and afraid to go any further then just looking at websites. I sat back and waited for the perfect timing to start the ball rolling, but after 6 years, I realized that waiting for the perfect moment may result in missing the perfect opportunity..... so I contacted SCI and started those first couple of steps.

I was so lucky that both surrogates fell pregnant on the first attempt and the pregnacies ran very smoothly, You did an amazing job caring for the surrogates and always keeping me informed every step of the way. Every member of SCI was always so helpful, caring and considerate. Specifillically a huge thank you to Meg (who helped to keep me from turning into a crazed parentzilla), Rachna and Neha.

A million thanks yous!!!

Adrian, Charlie and April Tilby
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