Friday, 11 October 2013

From Japan : Two Beautiful Girls

From Japan, two beautiful girls and a family completed...

Dear Dr. Shivani and the SCI team,

As holding our pretty girls in our arms, we are now feeling happiness with relish.
It is really our pleasure and honor to express our gratitude to you all.

Our long-time dream "to have a child" finally came to a happy end.
Our new dream "to raise our children" has now begun.

To open the locked doors for our dreams, we had to find the KEYS.
The KEYS, namely, a reliable doctor, a good communicator, and a cooperative surrogate mother.

Let us give advice to the people who are expecting a journey to have a baby.

The professional medical treatments and the perfect management by Dr. Shivani.
The splendid documentary support and the smooth communication by the SCI team.
The warmhearted cooperation and the devoted care
of the fetus by the Surrogate Mother and the social & medical team.

You can find every single KEY here at Surrogacy Centre India.

Thank you all who gave us priceless gifts.
Hope more people to be blessed with children with your help.

With Love,

K, M, our daughters M & R

We wish this family the choicest of blessings,

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