Friday 4 October 2013

From India : Twins, a boy and a girl!

These words shared reflect the journey of many who seek surrogacy treatment...

I and my wife extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr Shivani and her team for the phenomenal contribution in adding happiness to our life. 

You made our dream come true. You have presented us the best gift by making our family complete. By your grace and noble deed we have been blessed by our very own twins through surrogacy.  

It was almost for the last eight years that we were trying for second baby. It failed due to cervix incompetency. We had a preterm baby (26 weeks) which survived for 24 hours. Following this we tried IVF which resulted in miscarriage.

By God’s grace I got in touch with ISIS Dr Shivani and her team in 2011. This was a turning point which culminated with twins, a baby girl and a baby boy.

Here I would like to share experience. During the course of pregnancy one of the twin developed focus in the ultrasound image in 22nd week. This vanished away by 31st week. 

Both babies joined us in 33rd week of the pregnancy. Their birth weights were 1.5 Kg and 1.9 Kg for baby boy and baby girl respectively. Both are doing good and in two weeks they have picked up weight to 2 Kg and 2.5 Kg.



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